solar batteries -Solar Battery bank and 2500 watt inverter

October 19, 2012 – 3:21 am

** So I took the biggest inverter I could and that will be able to power all I need, in case of emergency. I wish I could get more batteries, but the best part of a home made solar panel is set up that you can add to it as the funds come in! this time next year I hope to have 6-8 batteries and more solar panels! but will not need another inverter! I’ll put my old drive back in my emergency kit for on the go! Stay safe YouTube Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 24 Responses to “solar batteries -Solar Battery bank and 2500 watt inverter”

  2. Question, Im building a solar project for my Church. And in case I hit a brick wall would it be possible to consult you about advice?

    Your presence would be a blessing


    By mechanisim75gmail on Oct 19, 2012

  3. Dude, it’s parallel not series.

    By bendix109 on Oct 19, 2012

  4. You idiot, you have the batteries connected in parallel for what I see. You could connect one battery alone and it would give out the same voltage. what you do is multiply the amp hours by two and that duplicates the duration of the power.

    By Nicholas2011ist on Oct 19, 2012

  5. How many watts is your solar panel?

    By wotan237 on Oct 19, 2012

  6. I’m new to this, but know a Fella that sells (1) VERY BIG BATTERY/INTERSTATE for only $204.00 each! its like (2) of your batteries in (1)!:)

    By velocitytech1 on Oct 19, 2012

  7. what do you mean you can’t run 400 watts of solar panel through a 100 watt charge controller, it doesn’t work, same with you have to watch how much you are sending to each unit and then how much you are drawing, so explain yourself.

    By mijemu on Oct 19, 2012

  8. mijemu,, u should not be giving out advice cause u do not know what ur talking about!!!!

    By lonerglide on Oct 19, 2012

  9. linuxbox25 is right. It’s in parallel. One point everyone misses. It doesn’t have to be a brand new battery. You can get a used battery and get your system up and running and then over the course of time you can replace them with newer ones.  Sure it may not be pretty, sure you could get a battery with a dead cell if you aren’t careful but it’s going to be cheaper if you are careful and wise in your purchase at the ole junk yard.

    By Gruurk2 on Oct 19, 2012

  10. dude, those batteries are not in series…lol. parallel man.

    By linuxbox25 on Oct 19, 2012

  11. I think the inverters have a watt limit so you cant just run 12 panels through a single inverter, i saw a decent inverter on said it would handle 425 watts with all the other 12 volt of course but other inverters said they would only handle 100 watts so I think you need multiple inverters or just a better inverter.

    By mijemu on Oct 19, 2012

  12. I really liked the basic start up info. I’m thinking of doing it. is $300 a good price for a 2500 watt inverter. where did you get the panel and charge controller?

    By SquawVallydude on Oct 19, 2012

  13. Nice setup, but it looks like you’ve got smaller battery cables for the inverter. If you do want to pull full power from it, it’ll be pulling more than 210 amps at 12 volts. Usually, you’d use 4/0 cable for something like this. If you’re only going to use around 1500 or so, though, 2/0 would probably work. If you’re not running a whole lot, though, what you have is probably fine.

    By linuxpyro on Oct 19, 2012

  14. Thanks for the comment. We went on a road trip to Key West, didn’t want to pack a bunch of ice chests/coolers in our conversion van so we installed a apt. sized frig, microwave, bought 2 car batteries, and a 1500 watt inverter. It held a charge for 12 hrs, keeping the frig cold, seafood frozen and heated dinner/coffee/etc. during the trip. We had a battery charger so when we stopped at parks we charged back up, otherwise we charged off the alternator on the road. Just info for people that care.

    By 91fatboy51 on Oct 19, 2012

  15. what would be need to run a fridge for 24 hours. would i have to buy a number of bateries and keep changing them over.

    By LENAGEN on Oct 19, 2012

  16. ok so lets say i had a fridge a fan and a heater that i wanted to run all day. What i would do is use four car batteries plus the converters for say 12 to 16 hour then take those four batteries out to cool down. And plug four different batteries in for 12 to 16 hours. And keep repeating the cycle for lets say two months would that work. Some one let me know please

    By LENAGEN on Oct 19, 2012

  17. Can I get the brand name of your converter, is it modified or pure sine wave?
    Also, what is the brand name of your battery charger?
    Thanks a million.

    By Rocky1765 on Oct 19, 2012

  18. you should find a battery box for your batterys. incase they leak they wouldn’t leak all over your bench.
    just a thought

    By Brandon Palmer on Oct 19, 2012

  19. How many watts are your solar panels

    By RyVo2ALL on Oct 19, 2012

  20. That also significantly prolongs your battery life as well.

    By MessengerofYahweh on Oct 19, 2012

  21. hey make sur you space your batteries apart 1 inch to allow even cooling. Batteries do not like heat and operate and charge more effiently when cool.

    By MessengerofYahweh on Oct 19, 2012

  22. How much does that inverter pull by itself? I have read where some use 40+ watts just the inverter. Also what panels do you have with that setup? Great vid btw

    By Goo gle on Oct 19, 2012

  23. the batteries are connected in parallel not series

    By ant5681 on Oct 19, 2012

  24. What kind of panels and battery bank would i need in order to run a fully equipped 1000 sq feet grow house for 12 months? I need to know best and worst case scenario!

    By charles7134 on Oct 19, 2012

  25. I wanted to add we use just a 1500 w inverter, enough to run the small frig, tv and computer, and fire up the 600 watt microwave for several minutes as needed. We never had problems. The 2 car batteries are more than enough to run all this for a while, even overnight. We traveled over 2000 miles and tied the battery bank into the van’s alternator for recharge, never had a problem. We slept in Key West, our food in the frig never melted and our fan never went off, Jimmy Buffet would be proud! lol

    By 91fatboy51 on Oct 19, 2012

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