solar inverters -7,200 Watt Solar Panel Array Home / Residential System with enphase micro inverters

February 13, 2015 – 3:21 am

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 39 Responses to “solar inverters -7,200 Watt Solar Panel Array Home / Residential System with enphase micro inverters”

  2. Lothre,
    I have three questions. 1) What is the square footage of your home? 2)
    What was your annual KW usage was prior to getting the panels. 3) What is
    your annual KW usage now (if is has changed that is).

    By Nicholas Young on Feb 13, 2015

  3. In sweden you can sell the energi that you dont use.. with this many panels
    you would prob make money each month

    By krew brew on Feb 13, 2015

  4. So is this covering your whole bill in the summer? If not, how much of your
    bill is it covering?

    By Jolie Miller on Feb 13, 2015

  5. Which Enphase inverters does your system use?

    By Tommy Johnson on Feb 13, 2015

  6. I actually purchased 2 other guides to building solar panels before I
    decided to purchase Earth4Energy Catch the method here.
    *aboutsolarcells.comxa.* *com* make your own solar panel which can be done
    under $200 *aboutsolarcells.comxa.* *com*

    By Wilkinson Criag C. on Feb 13, 2015

  7. could you plzz tell us how much it will coast to pay cash in total and can
    we use aircondion 

    By Sikandar Shah on Feb 13, 2015

  8. By Anand Dohalia on Feb 13, 2015

  9. Usually you can figure about 4 dollars per watt for a complete system
    installed. Some places a little less.

    By YOUS SUCK on Feb 13, 2015

  10. Thanks Lothre for sharing this video about solar panel array with us. We
    got another solar update from you. This is really cheaper and saves you
    more energy.

    By Solar Companies Gold Coast on Feb 13, 2015

  11. Very nice system..I guess this was like $40K job or more?I do have my
    ground mount solar system installed by myself and pulled permits as
    owner-builder and got all inspectiones and signed interconnection agreement
    with power company.I built only 4.6kW on 300w micros,because the price just
    for material is too much to never take long time on return
    investiment..Even DIY is still very very expensive and man made clouds will
    make sure you don’t produce much..It sucks,but I love solar..

    By MB031 on Feb 13, 2015

  12. By idk on Feb 13, 2015

  13. By lothre on Feb 13, 2015

  14. By idk on Feb 13, 2015

  15. By Daniel Bonaire on Feb 13, 2015

  16. By lothre on Feb 13, 2015

  17. By neuromantoo on Feb 13, 2015

  18. By 10713412 on Feb 13, 2015

  19. By lothre on Feb 13, 2015

  20. By 10713412 on Feb 13, 2015

  21. By Michael K. Lee on Feb 13, 2015

  22. By lothre on Feb 13, 2015

  23. By JonM Doh on Feb 13, 2015

  24. By lothre on Feb 13, 2015

  25. By lothre on Feb 13, 2015

  26. Hello from Snowy and cold NJ. We use flooded batteries for the
    installations we do. In the owners manual for the inverter they only
    recommend sealed or AGM. Does that preclude the use of flooded batteries?

    By AtlanticWastePower on Feb 13, 2015

  27. Hello Justin
    Thank you for your wonderful Video’s. Does the parallel connection work
    well? Will this be able to carry an AC? I want to connect 4 in parallel and
    use it to power a central AC unit. Thank you in advance

    By AtlanticWastePower on Feb 13, 2015

  28. With all those lemons you can expand your battery bank with lemon based
    batteries. You might get at least 50Mah more !! HA! Great vids Chris !

    By Jeff Barr on Feb 13, 2015

  29. Now mate what I want you to do is go to your local sparky and drag him by
    the ear & get him to set it up. Because I am impatient and want to see it

    By Solar & Wind Australia on Feb 13, 2015

  30. very helpful :) very nice video

    By Jeremy Ohara on Feb 13, 2015

  31. Looks nice Great video as always. 

    By McCuneWindandSolar on Feb 13, 2015

  32. PIP-4048MS which is a 4000w continuous / 8000w surge,
    48V DC input Pure Sine Wave inverter-charger.
    Generator Starter Dry Contact
    MPPT 60A / 3000W max solar charger
    Selectable AC input range
    2 X Surge rating up to 5 seconds
    Built-in max 30A battery charger
    Free monitoring software
    Supports parallel function up to 4 units max
    (*requires installation of parallel kit,*)

    By Justin Case on Feb 13, 2015

  33. If you don’t mind, mate, how much were your inverter / chargers? 

    By Paul Petrea on Feb 13, 2015

  34. plz do u have a video that explain how to connect mpp solar to pc with
    rs232-rj47 whit 232-usb

    By badr linux on Feb 13, 2015

  35. sweetness

    By JOHNNYMasteratArms DUNN on Feb 13, 2015

  36. Looks great, just wondering about the other parts of the system, battery
    bank, solar array etc? 

    By Dave McCallum on Feb 13, 2015

  37. hay…does it work on heavy loads, like air conditioners etc ?? any humming
    in motors when using this inveretr?? please do tell bcz i am interested in
    it bcz outback is too expensive for me as compared to this

    By needfor speed carbon on Feb 13, 2015

  38. Awesome inverter… I have two of this… one question, i could not
    connect neither one of them at the pc… I tried with the cable provided,
    with an rs232 to USB adaptor but nothing, the software doesnt start… How
    have you connect them?

    By ilmionomefattimiei on Feb 13, 2015

  39. Looks great, just wondering about the other parts of the system, battery
    bank, solar array etc? 

    By Dave McCallum on Feb 14, 2015

  40. Check out this video on YouTube:

    By TexasPrepper Tom on Feb 14, 2015

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