February 20, 2013 – 9:22 am ** THIS IS ‘ONE OF MY many Stirling engines, which was the inspiration FOR STEAM STIRLING SOLAR HYBRID.

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  2. amazing.

    By SimplyAsunder on Feb 20, 2013

  3. generators/electric motors comes in all kinds of sizes buddy.. and actually use this exact set up (size) farms to generate electricity

    By LTF85199 on Feb 20, 2013

  4. its a small thing going fast; not much force. generators need to be pushed, not lightly spun

    By jjb3point14159265358 on Feb 20, 2013

  5. get them up to around 12000 watts 

    By Steve Thompson on Feb 20, 2013

  6. where can i buy this?

    By pinpoint45 on Feb 20, 2013

  7. What temperature is needed on e probe to get the motor started?

    By rob261266 on Feb 20, 2013

  8. Well you could build a very big water collector and then a waterwheel or turbine below it with a high pressure ending through water weight, so you could power up some things for some time if you have rain more often times and a big reservoir tank :-)

    By spantherix on Feb 20, 2013

  9. You could make a contraption that would concentrate rainwater into one place, and have that stream go over a water wheel. It would only work when it’s raining though.

    By codi0dio on Feb 20, 2013

  10. You could probably get one of these to run by having the hot end indoors and the cold end outside.

    By eddyabc on Feb 20, 2013

  11. Using the stirling engine as alternative source for using fuels would be a big help.

    By illinois008 on Feb 20, 2013

  12. Alright then I will. Surprisingly fast reply there, that’s a bit more like it. Now, go work on your sense of humour (unless you were joking in which case well done).

    By FreindlyRanger on Feb 20, 2013

  13. Oh! Then i guess you could just go fuck ur self.

    By gdog48001 on Feb 20, 2013

  14. Holy shit man, I made that comment 2 years ago, try to keep up. :-{)

    By FreindlyRanger on Feb 20, 2013

  15. Make a water wheel thingy, you would def get more power off a stream than any current solar device..

    By gdog48001 on Feb 20, 2013

  16. This is a very good to use solar enrgy in my country who I can get apower for water pump 20 kw are there any stirling engine in this capacety. pls advice

    By MrAdm1962 on Feb 20, 2013

  17. interesting video and very informative

    By MrBrucebracey on Feb 20, 2013

  18. The same energy is concentrated in both cases.

    By omarnug on Feb 20, 2013

  19. can you hook up a gen and see how much amps it generates?

    By LTF85199 on Feb 20, 2013

  20. excellent idea…i hope these inventions get furnished and done so that we can make use of it and at the same time conserve energy… we have to conserve energy, now that were already feeling the effects of global warming…

    By iLOVENATURE2011 on Feb 20, 2013

  21. Great idea since the radiant energy from the sun only heats the area it hits anyway- no issues of hydrocarbon except the energy burned to build the machine. How big would this piston driven stirling need to be to generate say 500 kw ( or around 670 BHP ) of electric energy ???

    By seahorse1945 on Feb 20, 2013

  22. how is the FRESNEL lens compared to the parabolic mirror if they are both the same size which one would concentrate more sunlight into a given point

    By baselb80 on Feb 20, 2013

  23. and with Billions wanting to cool a room or house we can’t anyone to build larger than toys! I am confused why they do not go large scale or safe scale, and have permanent unit that works only if light hits, it and goes off if you cover it. Just basics is all we wnat but toys is all we get as examples! I want larger scale! LOL

    By Peter Whitlock on Feb 20, 2013

  24. what is causing the piston to move up and down

    By gandj19 on Feb 21, 2013

  25. the power of the sun in the palm of my hand

    By Josephnesis on Feb 21, 2013

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