mit solar concentrator -A Colorful Approach to Solar Energy

September 2, 2012 – 6:26 pm

Engineers ** Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully created a sophisticated, yet affordable, method to turn ordinary glass into a high-tech solar concentrator. Electrical engineer Marc Baldo, his graduate students Michael Currie, Jon Mapel and Timothy Heidel, and postdoctoral associate Shalom Goffri developed the concentrator-based dyes coated glass and announced their findings in the July 11, 2008, the number of Science. The device collects and channel photons otherwise lost from the surface of a solar panel, dramatically increasing the performance of solar cells. In this video, Baldo explains the technology and its potential impact on the future of energy. For more on this story, visit Credit: MIT

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  1. One Response to “mit solar concentrator -A Colorful Approach to Solar Energy”

  2. American Education sytem sucks- but I like these´╗┐ guys at MIT, must be someone sane over there actuallty educating , at least it appears this way in the fiels of Applied technologies. MIT is cool.

    By captkirkconnell on Sep 2, 2012

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