parabolic trough solar concentrator -Model solar concentrator. It works without the focus moving.

May 23, 2013 – 6:22 am

** Has anyone had the courage to test it? This is relatively simple and any engineer or astronomer could put his knowledge to the test and give a sense … Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 7 Responses to “parabolic trough solar concentrator -Model solar concentrator. It works without the focus moving.”

  2. For a person with an interest in Renewable energies from a third world country you, barumman (Stirling),muddyman (wind)…are like Prometheus… because there lies our fire!

    By Sudheer Kumar on May 23, 2013

  3. Thanks Sudheer, Do whatever you want with the idea. By no means is this a proved “design”. I just threw it out there so people could make the idea better. It has 2 advantages compared to Scheffler solar kitchens. 1. It is a bit simpler mechanically and 2 the dish never changes shape so you can either make it higher concentration for smelting if necessary. Or change the shape slightly from parabolic to make it work even if tracking or timing accuracy is poor. ( See solar design T-square)

    By Brian White on May 23, 2013

  4. Great!
    I think we should start improvising over Schefller …
    It is really a shame why nobody is incorporating your designs…With your permission, we will…

    By Sudheer Kumar on May 23, 2013

  5. Reason for half dishes is access to the Stirling engine or stuff you are cooking.
    Reason for 2 dishes is you have the center of gravity on the rotating axis of the thing with year round seasonal adjustment.
    Reason for equatorial axis (also called polar axis) is so your daily tracking is really simple. Just a simple constant speed rotation. If anyone wants to try this “quick and dirty” you could cut a sk14 in half and use that as your 2 dishes. Amazing: it is a year old and still untested!

    By Brian White on May 23, 2013

  6. Love the design, the rubber chicken was a good choice!

    By Jon Van Meter on May 23, 2013

  7. The chicken was awesome.

    By Mike Kennedy on May 23, 2013

  8. great stuff..

    By johnny boyd on May 23, 2013

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