solar concentrator technology -Melting steel with solar power

August 24, 2014 – 6:21 pm

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar concentrator technology -Melting steel with solar power”

  2. قدرت باورنکردنی نور خورشید هنگام تمرکز داده شدن بر روی ورق ضخیم فولادی

    با داشتن مکانی بنام بیابان شهداد در کرمان با درجه حرارت 63 درجه بالای صفر (
    گرمترین نقطه کره زمین )

    فکر نمیکنید اگر یک نیروگاه خورشیدی ساده با شبکه لوله های سیاه در قسمتی از
    آن قرار داده شود .
    میتوان انرژی الکتریکی مورد نیاز ایران عزیز را ارزان و با کمترین آلودگی
    تولید کرد ؟

    By Amintec shahraeeni on Aug 24, 2014

  3. thanks for uploadin this fatsomus :)

    By ringwormts115 on Aug 24, 2014

  4. James May did something Adam and Jamie failed to do…

    By MingGuoLi on Aug 24, 2014

  5. I wanna see it vs dirt

    By cloudTheory on Aug 24, 2014

  6. How’s this to keep you from forgetting to wear your SPF 50?

    By Biospark88 on Aug 24, 2014

  7. awesome

    By henry haidar on Aug 24, 2014

  8. get yourself an anvil and you have yourself a real skyforge

    By fishingfool211 on Aug 24, 2014

  9. i really want to forge my next sword using this, or something similar. it
    will be call the solar blade and i could use it in a room of high class
    blacksmiths. it would be awesome

    By TheTrueVoiceOfRock on Aug 24, 2014

  10. I believe it isn’t. Ferrous alloys turn red hot way before melting (at
    around 727ºC/1333 F) and they will start to form a liquid phase when over
    1100ºC/2000 F, at this temperature it should have a yellowish, nearly
    white, intense glow. Source: The Iron-Iron Carbide Phase Diagram, been
    studying this shit for 4 years, performed several quenches on a few kinds
    of steel. From what I know of non-ferrous metal alloys, this looks like
    series 1000 (ISO I guess) Aluminum.

    By Luiz Np on Aug 24, 2014

  11. arkimedes is spining in his grave. he whuld have wanted to see this.
    unfrotunetly he was born over 2000 years too early.

    By gooddarkjedi on Aug 24, 2014

  12. Omg! Top gear! I love Top Gear!

    By livingdeadgirl597 on Aug 24, 2014

  13. Solar thermal collection is and always will be more efficient than
    photovoltaics. With solar thermal you are absorbing a much larger swath of
    the solar irradiance specifically in the infrared region than solar cells-
    which only absorb in the visual.

    By xtamared on Aug 24, 2014

  14. Steam engines here we come!!…. Again…

    By freakman420 on Aug 24, 2014

  15. @0kamisama Poseidon energy weapon *fallout new vegas*

    By The Random Channel on Aug 24, 2014

  16. Great job! Thanks for sharing!

    By VEVnetwork on Aug 24, 2014

  17. Sorry but wouldn’t that be 1 ray raising the material 100 degrees by your
    math? Missed the comment you replied to and that 1000 degrees makes much
    more sense.

    By Everett Ballance on Aug 25, 2014

  18. that man knows nothing about hot dogs

    By xevilwalksx on Aug 25, 2014

  19. wrong, it’s steel.

    By DrSmokeTrees on Aug 25, 2014


    By Евгений Якимов on Aug 25, 2014

  21. @neutrillium heat is heat so in that aspect there is no difference there
    would be a difference in steel making since most steel processes use coke
    fired furnaces the coke not only heats the furnace but adds most of the
    carbon which is what makes iron, steel…. well carbon and a few other

    By mangostavia on Aug 25, 2014

  22. i have to get myself one of those bye bye middle school lol

    By Austin Fadear on Aug 25, 2014


    By TheScientist0000000 on Aug 25, 2014

  24. Wow that could be used in many ways bet it would destroy a metor it like a
    radiation gun death ray

    By MsPeekaboo777 on Aug 25, 2014

  25. Thats freaking insane!

    By maxey83112 on Aug 25, 2014

  26. They kidnapped my bulbasaur for this. Now I gotta teach a other grass type
    solarbeam >_>

    By terakretonia on Aug 25, 2014

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