solar pv concentrator -solar pv concentrator tracking change 20 W. to 100 W.

January 11, 2013 – 3:25 am

From reflective mirror ** and monitoring simple to make 20 w pv increase power to 100 w for agro water pump

Solar ** My PhotoVoltaic mirror concentrators Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. 7 Responses to “solar pv concentrator -solar pv concentrator tracking change 20 W. to 100 W.”

  2. This method tends to be a little risky, most modules manufacturers don’t allow you to have more than the designated ambient reflection. If the cell turns too hot it might get damaged and additionally the warranty of the module might be voided.

    By jcusss on Jan 11, 2013

  3. Its possible he uses some water towards the end of the video on the surface it looks, but its hard to see. I guess then he would be cooling the surface, but it would be good to cool the back side of the solarcells directly also. I guess there is some max. current before solarcell damage.

    By trailkeeper on Jan 11, 2013

  4. You need cooling facility. When heat builds up, solar cell efficiency deteriorated or even get damaged. Some people put solar cells inside a transparent water tank and recycling hot waters automatically to keep them cool.

    By beancube2008 on Jan 11, 2013

  5. It looks nice, and is very nifty and helpful to the green energy community.

    By trailkeeper on Jan 11, 2013

  6. Careful of the heat as PV panels hate the heat and around 54c they start to produce less electricity until finally reaching a temp that breaks them (think solar oven for that).

    By legalizeshemp420 on Jan 11, 2013

  7. we want to know thank you solar tracker and all

    By southernone1 on Jan 11, 2013

  8. I can’t tell from looking – is this array tracking? If not, then is the amount of energy you gain by reflection from the mirrors more than the amount they block by shading?

    By sexybuttox on Jan 11, 2013

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