July 7, 2012 – 12:27 am ** PART 1 of the DIY project. SCRAP 70-liter tank of water that I found on the roadside.

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  2. Hello there! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Xobotano Home Energy (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered this alternative home energy known as Xobotano Home Energy? I have heard several great things about it.

    By Elmer Schlemmer on Jul 7, 2012

  3. Hey Dan, is there a way to store the thermal heat/energy generating from concentrating the suns rays with a parabilic dish/lens. Have they invented a way to store this energy for further use by using that stirling engine/ Generator, and a deep cell or hydrogen cell ? Thanks!

    By charronfamilyconnect on Jul 7, 2012

  4. Does the vapor that escapes through the jar top rise to the surface and escape into the air anyway? I hope this idea can be upscaled. I’d like to put all my trash in a big giant glass garbage can and drop it in the pool and turn it into trash and heat my pool at the same time. Is that possible?

    By oldguyfromcalifornia on Jul 7, 2012

  5. seria bueno que estubiera en español

    By miguelagos777 on Jul 7, 2012

  6. Toxic fumes can make you turn GREEN if you or wildlife inhale them. So I guess it is.

    By FresnelParabolic on Jul 7, 2012

  7. Or why not jsut use a satellite dish?

    By FresnelParabolic on Jul 7, 2012

  8. @JoshuaJames
    Me too. Its cheap compared to other products
    available online. Its proven system shows an
    exact instructions on how to make your own
    solar panels. My electric bill was slashed by
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    By iverconi27 on Jul 7, 2012

  9. Will aluminized polyester (like emergency blankets are made of) work to mirror a surface?

    By teharley69 on Jul 7, 2012

  10. @GREENPOWERSCIENCE More POWER to you sir! I just made a comment to @MrCommonsense about the whole CO2 comment he made. I did the research on CO2 and the whole GREENHOUSE GAS GARBAGE. I know that water holds around 2 times the heat energy than any gas on Earth. I keep shaking my head at how many people also never consider that the Earth has cycles of hot and cold. Ice ages and warmer ones. You will find that life thrived here on Earth during warmer times. So what is all the fuss about?

    By superdave54811 on Jul 7, 2012

  11. Couldn’t you just lay a thick sheet of plastic over the inside of the water heater and heat it up until it softens and melts to correct shape?

    By kendigjl on Jul 7, 2012

  12. i couldn’t find the part where you give a parabolic shape a mirror.

    By hknboss on Jul 7, 2012

  13. im making one for a math project ^^

    By allaroundpro1 on Jul 7, 2012

  14. Where is part 2?

    By claykb on Jul 7, 2012

  15. бесполезная ху…ня!!!

    By volkodv1 on Jul 7, 2012

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    By ahmd1431 on Jul 7, 2012

  17. what about if you used clay molding over the form instead of concrete? but then again you already have the concrete mold made that will last FOREVER!

    By UpNorthLiving2011 on Jul 7, 2012

  18. plexiglass and a heat gun would work to

    By prototype9000 on Jul 7, 2012

  19. nice crotch! 

    By chiliboy82 on Jul 7, 2012

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    By kusempinthu on Jul 7, 2012

  21. Great movie!
    Now I just need to find that tutorial on homemade-green-high-intensity-lasers and … voila … I’ll have my own homemade Deathstar ;)

    By akamburov on Jul 7, 2012

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    By chathuthushari on Jul 7, 2012

  23. because you would be using the imperfect side for mirror film that would have the brush and fibre imperfections showing, you want to make the cast so you get the smooth side on the reflection side of the mirror, not the back side of the mirror.

    By shaadydog1 on Jul 7, 2012

  24. if he did that the concave surface on the final project would be turn out very rough. The whole aim of the project is to make the concave surface as smooth and mirror-like as possible.

    By satoakimartinez on Jul 7, 2012

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