pasive solar -Owner Built Passive Solar Home & Homestead in NW Indiana

August 17, 2013 – 9:21 pm

** Built with my own hands …. and the hands of a few friends and relatives. Thanks to all those who have contributed to this project …. esp. my home boy Mike L., Mik … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 16 Responses to “pasive solar -Owner Built Passive Solar Home & Homestead in NW Indiana”

  2. It turned out to be a bad idea. I turned the attic into living space. Will create a water vault in the crawl space underneath the living room and then blow the hot air down from the porch into the vault. Then as the water gives off the heat, it will passively rise up into the living room. This type of system has been used for decades except people typically use rocks as a heat storage. Water absorbs a lot more heat than rocks though so is a better storage medium. Will post results when finished.

    By Paul Ladendorf on Aug 17, 2013

  3. Would love to know more about the water heating system in the ceiling.

    By Robert Scarborough on Aug 17, 2013

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    By allen gabriel j on Aug 17, 2013

  5. why be a spammer?

    By Paul Ladendorf on Aug 17, 2013

  6. You can build a single solar panel, or you can build an entire array of panels.Why pay thousands of dollars for solar energy..Catch the method here. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

    By frederick roy r on Aug 17, 2013

  7. sell me an acre.

    By Evan Hoffman on Aug 17, 2013

  8. Hey thanks! I looked at lots of different types of construction but since I had very little experience I wanted to build something reasonably conventional but if I build again, who knows?

    By Paul Ladendorf on Aug 17, 2013

  9. cool house i am in Oregon and am planning and saving to something kinda like what you did but a little more remote and off grid. when you went to build your house did you consider earthbag building at all? well that’s my plan. love the porch and attic. i like to see like minded people all over our failing country. good work : )

    By devil3alls on Aug 18, 2013

  10. nice property,pulling the heat off of the porch is a great idea.

    By Donnie Lee on Aug 18, 2013

  11. Great video, thanks for sharing, but Ummmm there were 86 Ummm’s. Maybe it is normal in America to say Umm a milion times, but it is a bit annoying for the rest of the world.

    By haukikalastaja on Aug 18, 2013

  12. I suggest covering the porch wall with a thermal mass (trombe wall), such as 2″+ stone or brick to store the heat when the sun goes down.

    By trybal007 on Aug 18, 2013

  13. Thanks for the idea. I’m going to use black vertical blinds across all the windows. I forgot to mention that in the video.

    By Paul Ladendorf on Aug 18, 2013

  14. by adding a sheet of aluminum painted black between between a couple of the windows on the inside you could get that room temp up to 90 degrees easily…

    By centervilletn on Aug 18, 2013

  15. Thanks Y’all!

    By Paul Ladendorf on Aug 18, 2013

  16. Nice job on the home and the video!

    By integritytrainer on Aug 18, 2013

  17. Very nice Paul! We’d love to see that attic space (where you put the water and water heater etc). Its a really nice place.
    Good work.

    By Andrea Begala on Aug 18, 2013

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