passive and active solar energy -Solar Energy Facts

September 22, 2012 – 12:28 am ** made of solar energy to help you understand how solar energy is produced by solar panels. There are two types of passive and active solar technologies. Solar technology is passive when it is only integrated in the matrix design of a building, but does not convert energy to the current collection. An establishment may be designed directly oriented to the sun and materials which can scatter the light. Open spaces that naturally circulate air may also be useful in passive mode that uses the sun’s energy. Solar technology is effective when materials with the ability to store and convert solar energy into electricity that can provide for small and large appliances and buildings. This type of solar technology uses concentrated Powers solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV). CSP uses a solar radius to capture sunlight from a large area to a small area. The energy is then converted into heat, which is then converted into electric energy through a heat engine connected to a current generator. Photovoltaic systems are more direct. Solar cells made mostly of glass and silicon are mounted oriented towards the sun and convert the energy from the sun into electricity green at first contact. Both are efficient in providing energy, but the use of photovoltaic systems is more popular. These systems are favored by solar technology companies and end users, because they are affordable and able to generate more power, when set in the right way. Solar Energy Facts

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