passive solar air -Home built passive solar air heater

June 15, 2012 – 3:23 am

** Bozeman, Montana Building and remodeling contractor Peter Brown describes a simple house built passive solar heating of the air using only the pressure of heated air to circulate.

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  1. 4 Responses to “passive solar air -Home built passive solar air heater”

  2. Absorber plate area is critical and Long term performance of glazing must also be considered. Screen vs. other absorber plate options will determine efficiency. Heat loss offsets from reverse thermosyphoning will also need to be mentioned.

    By silence03 on Jun 15, 2012

  3. Probably not the future–sadly–because most people would have to hire a contractor, and don’t live in the middle of an empty field. So there’s likely a 10-20 year payback time, as is so common–also sadly–with claimed energy-saving devices.

    None of which changes the fact of that being a really, really nice looking installation. And, as you point out, zero maintenance, so what’s not to like!

    By picbuck on Jun 15, 2012

  4. You are right about that. If you go to build it and pose that question to Gary Reysa. Gary is the original designer. Really enjoyed your site by the way!

    By PeterQBrownDesign on Jun 15, 2012

  5. I like the idea, I just wonder about heat loss at night or cloudy days. The flap is not going to prevent conduction heat loss. So what are the btu loss at these times, versus the gains.

    By the43k on Jun 15, 2012

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