solar collector design -Stationary horizontal solar collector part 2, progress! and report.

July 14, 2014 – 3:22 pm

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 5 Responses to “solar collector design -Stationary horizontal solar collector part 2, progress! and report.”

  2. Really think your on to something, I’m going to run this past a friend of
    mine who might be able to help with the math.. Thanks again I would
    research for a patent if I were you. Keep up the good work

    By johnny boyd on Jul 14, 2014

  3. Just a note that this is open source and there was prior patents (on the
    cusp, etc) which have expired. I recently found similar work (not exactly
    the same) but with proper math! from the 1970 to 1990 period on pdf files.
    I need to have somewhere open to put those pdf files. I guess the method I
    am using is some sort of pre-calculus? It may only approximate the result
    but I think the method is worth it because it put power into the hands of
    ordinary people.

    By Brian White on Jul 14, 2014

  4. @TheSilverbullet99 The Short answer is no. Any student of technical drawing
    can approximate my curve in a couple of hours. There are lots of supposed
    “golden curves” in nature but when you look closely they deviate from those
    “perfect” ratios. All we need to do is use nature’s rules about how light
    bounces to design the curve. It would actually take much longer to find a
    shell (designed to do something totally different) and modify it to
    concentrate heat.

    By Brian White on Jul 14, 2014

  5. It looks like a seashell outer shape, could copying nature make it easier
    for design

    By TheSilverbullet99 on Jul 14, 2014

  6. GT this needs to be open source bro!!! patents are for oil companies and
    people that want to control!!!

    By David W. Reed on Jul 14, 2014

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