solar installer -How to Install Solar Panels

March 16, 2013 – 9:23 pm

** I recently installed a 6.24KW solar panel array on my roof. This video documents the installation, (including a time-lapse portion showing the entire installation roof … Video Rating: 4 / 5

A photovoltaic system ** 3kWp we recently installed Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 26 Responses to “solar installer -How to Install Solar Panels”

  2. Labor is by far the highest cost. With solar panels costing less than 70 cents per watt, almost anyone can afford them.
    For some reason, the solar companies still charge $2-$6 per watt for installation alone. I thought that was highway robbery so I opted to install them myself. Do you homework, follow local building codes, get a permit, do it right and you can’t go wrong.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 16, 2013

  3. Isaac, you make the high voltage electrical connections before connecting to the solar panels.
    The last connection you make is to the solar array.
    Easy and Safe.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 16, 2013

  4. You put silicon caulk into every hole your drill. It does great at sealing things up. Silicon will outlast the shingles on a roof.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 16, 2013

  5. How did you prevent the holes you drilled in your roof for the rails from leaking water when it rains? I think over time it would leak would it not?

    By crazynaska on Mar 16, 2013

  6. Excuse me but how did you handle those 400V or more coming down from the roof? did you just bring the wires down and peled them just before connectiong?

    By IsaacBG84 on Mar 17, 2013

  7. Great video..generally a very cheap practice however a large installation cost is involved.

    By ElectricSaver1200 on Mar 17, 2013

  8. utahsolar

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  9. utahsolar
    They’re awesome.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  10. can you send me the shop you purchase the sollar kit or phone number

    By Oman Sean on Mar 17, 2013

  11. Its seems that you know what your doing are you a contractor or something? Where sis you bought that solar kit?

    By IsaacBG84 on Mar 17, 2013

  12. I like seeing videos like this, but keep in mind us solar installers, can hardly stay up to speed on all the codes and rules to install solar and electrical these days, this may look simple in the eyes of you tube land, realize 99% of the videos on solar are jacked up, even my first 5 installs I look at and think wow, I had a pro helping me on my first installs also.

    By CRSOLARoCOM on Mar 17, 2013

  13. BOO-YAH! I love when someone verbally pwns a wanna-be know-it-all who thinks that since they have “electric” in their name they are the only professional on the planet. GREAT JOB on the install and on the pwnage and the parenting!

    By 007Regent on Mar 17, 2013

  14. Despite the fact it was a interesting video and see your little girl helping you out, I don’t really find it was a great idea having her going up and down and walking around the roof. Great Video!

    By drzknight87 on Mar 17, 2013

  15. haha that little girl is cute…I wanna learn how to do this and then start a business doing it, that’s what I wanna do with my life. I’m 24 years old, and now I think I finally know..maybe

    By raider2661 on Mar 17, 2013

  16. Total costs for panels, racking and inverter, permits and everything was under $22,000.
    State and Federal rebates brought my out-of pocket costs to about $11,000. I missed out on 2 other rebates offered by the state and utility that could have reduced the out of pocket costs another $9500. Oh well. 

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  17. thanks

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  18. You can install my Solar Energy System any day! Sun up to sun down!! Now that’s a hard working man!!! #Your little one is soo cute!

    By Smgk Live on Mar 17, 2013

  19. Visit the best solar blog for Romania Solar Energy

    By PVfeasibilitystudy on Mar 17, 2013

  20. Visit the best solar blog for Romania Solar Energy

    By PVfeasibilitystudy on Mar 17, 2013

  21. For my solar system, I have exactly zero batteries. It is purely a grid-tied system.
    The grid is essentially an infinite capacity battery that doesn’t cost me a dime to maintain.
    In the spring time, I make about 1500 kilo-watt-hours of extra power. I use that up during the A/C running summer months. In the fall, I also make extra power that I later use during the dark winter months.
    I also back feed the grid all day and pull it back off at night to run lights and charge my EV truck.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  22. Kc7ekk. How many batteries are u using for your solar panel system?? Thx for your answer

    By Nicole Paul on Mar 17, 2013

  23. ebayisajoke, electric companies love their customers getting gird-tied solar panels. Most offer rebates to encourage behavior. Grid-tied solar panels actually help stabilize the grid and provide extra electricity when the grid needs it most (when it’s hot/sunny and everyone else is running A/C). Solar panels are the friendly neighbor of the electric gird willing to lend a hand to those in need.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  24. clayelectric23, Did you need a doctorate degree to install solar panels? No? Master or bachelors? No? Well, it can’t be that hard for anyone to learn.
    As for kids on the roof? Climbing a trail inches away from a high mountain cliff is much more dangerous than walking on a low pitch roof. It takes a good parent to know when to say “no” and when to empower a child with a sense of accomplishment and enriched their minds all the while spending time with dad on a super cool project.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  25. clayelectric23, please enlighten me on what building codes I violated. I drew building plans, designed for truss load, wind loads, electrical safety, following local building codes. For the building permit, all my plans were approved by the county office including a wet-stamp by a PE.
    After I finished the installation, everything was inspected and approved by the county building inspector (electrical, building and mechanical). All required safety and electrical warning labels were affixed.

    By kc7ekk on Mar 17, 2013

  26. do you relize that your system is installed completely against code. if something does happen you could kill someone. And what father puts his kids on the roof and just lets them run around. You should really leave this to the professionals. Your home is going against all building and electrial codes, and probably some of your local codes as well. I really hope people dont watch this and think this is all it takes, one guy all ready make a very wrong comment about the breakers and wire.

    By clayelectric23 on Mar 17, 2013

  27. very good video, well done richard.

    By AraliaGardenDesign on Mar 17, 2013

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