small solar cooker -Sun Focus & Tulsi Hybrid Solar Ovens.wmv

February 13, 2013 – 9:22 am

** Here I am testing two hybrid solar ovens. Both run perfectly and I highly recommend Kelly as the kettle and fully approve one of these units as a cooking appliance must emergency every family should have. Not yet in mass production of these units are not always available and it took me two years to get my ……… Contact: Mr.Dave Chalker President / Owner Sun BD Corporation 1-315-651-8821 Video Rating: 5 / 5

** Ever wanted to learn how to make a solar oven, but they never knew? Well, now you can with the procedure referred to simply out in this video! A list of all the supplies you will need:-Two large cardboard boxes-the inner box should be about 18 x 20 cm, and the outer should be a couple of inches larger on each side (so about 20 inches X22 ) – corrugated cardboard for the cover (so about 4 inches longer and wider than the outer box)-glass or plexiglass window a couple of inches larger than the inner box, but smaller than the external box a thin sheet of metal. You can buy a normal sheet metal and then paint it black. Should be just lower than the inner box so that it can fit on the bottom – brush aluminum-newspaper or dry for insulation-very strong glue Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 35 Responses to “small solar cooker -Sun Focus & Tulsi Hybrid Solar Ovens.wmv”

  2. A small roasting pan but not a stock pot. I have used 1-3qt dutch ovens with great results

    By greatwhitemetalchef on Feb 13, 2013

  3. Thanks for the response. I definitely plan on getting a Sun Focus sometime this year. What would you guess about my idea about starting a pot on a stovetop burner and then putting it in the oven after it’s gotten a head start. Bad idea? Ruin the Focus oven from the extremely hot exterior of the pot?

    By WastedPo on Feb 13, 2013

  4. Ear plugs or simply adjust your volume bright one, if music stops you from thinking you are on the wrong channel baby boy!!

    By greatwhitemetalchef on Feb 13, 2013

  5. No fumes or smell of any kind with the sun focus. this is the best solar oven hands down on the market!!!

    By greatwhitemetalchef on Feb 13, 2013

  6. I agree, this is the best solar oven on the market!!

    By greatwhitemetalchef on Feb 13, 2013

  7. If I could get past the loud music I would think more clearly. Ummm stop the music and explain, just that easy!

    By hakunamakarla on Feb 13, 2013

  8. I have questions: 1. I’ve read some Amazon reviews of the Global oven where people complain of a fumey smell that doesn’t seem to go away. Does the Sun Focus have this issue? 2. Do you find the SunFocus’ dimension “ties your hands” in regards to squeezing various pans in it? 3. It seems that most sun ovens take a while to heat up the food (especially if there’s liquid). If I preheated a pot of stew on a stovetop to get a head start and then put it in the SFocus, would that damage the oven?

    By WastedPo on Feb 13, 2013

  9. I did try the 110 setting on both ovens and I found they worked out great. You are correct that the Tulsi is avaiable at a lower cost but the workmanship doesnt hold a candle to the Sun Focus Model. I believe the Sun Focus is the better long term investment, but they do both work well. The Tulsi is also only half as deep as the Sun Focus, you will be able to cook about a 14lb turkey in the Sun Focus but with the Tulsi only a smaller bird will fit. Both products function great

    By greatwhitemetalchef on Feb 13, 2013

  10. I have had the privilege of having Dave Chalker cook Pizza for us in the oven. The oven set up fast and cooked perfect. And we were in New York. I would highly recommend this product for its ease of use and convenient back up power source.
    My son is taking one to Haiti this summer to use and teach a group of Haiti people to use. There was no better choice than Dave’s model.
    This process is strictly solar in it use. It has a 110V plug for back up power. Perfect design.

    By TheKevinkmac on Feb 13, 2013

  11. did you at any time plug in the units or are the results strictly from solar? i am considering the Tulsi due to it’s lower cost, would you say the unit is deep enough to roast or to put in a smaller stock pot? thanks!

    By quan7390 on Feb 13, 2013

  12. Ok. I fucked up and need help. I was doing fine up until around 4:11, then I blacked out. There’s blood everywhere and a human foot in my kitchen sink! What the hell did I do wrong? Is it because I didn’t use aluminum foil? This is why I don’t try new things.

    By Jimi Hendrix on Feb 13, 2013

  13. u can start ur own busnises

    By Elijah Bradley on Feb 13, 2013

  14. This video is very good. It helped me a lot with a project!

    By Gaby Hegwood on Feb 13, 2013

  15. The instructions are explained well and its a great video. I would love a video where you use it . Does it work well

    By deanne deanne on Feb 13, 2013

  16. I see you can not handle the truth. Did you enjoy the brainwashing you recieved and are still recieving via school and the media. Try doing your own research check out the facts on both side and you will stop falling for these lies.

    By coolvideo28 on Feb 13, 2013

  17. What the hell is wrong with you do you have a brain

    By Cosmicmonkeyman on Feb 13, 2013

  18. thanks i needed to make one for a project and this helped :)

    By Josh I on Feb 13, 2013

  19. just wondering if you made a later video cooking something in it …cause that would be the icing on the cake
    dont let people give you bad remarks so just erase them … if they cant say something postive dont say nothing at all

    By kmoney14141 on Feb 13, 2013

  20. You did not think this through girl. Once you place whatever you want to cook inside, the black surface will be covered therefore breaking your whole heat absorption design. And btw, the angle of the reflector should NOT be vertical to the sun, it should be tilted just enough so that the angle of the sun rays would hit to the insides of your project. Good luck :)

    By amnya on Feb 13, 2013

  21. I really enjoyed your tutorial. Did you ever cook anything in your oven? If so, how did it come out. I will be using this tutorial in the future. Thank you.

    By 1Saber2Rattle on Feb 13, 2013

  22. Fool you were not spinning tht globe when you didn’t see us

    By epizgirl12 on Feb 13, 2013

  23. ok

    By drewdrewanan on Feb 13, 2013

  24. That…was interesting editing….lol

    By scwd123 on Feb 13, 2013

  25. Yes weather changes it always has since God created everything, there has also always been forest fires before the US was populated dry weather would cause forest fires that burned until they hitwater then everything grew back. God speaks of increased natural disasters in end times None of it is caused by us other then maybe our sin causing God to react w/ natural disasters. The whole were causing the Globe to get warmer or colder is a scam earth worshiping. I like your screen name God bless

    By coolvideo28 on Feb 13, 2013

  26. if you cant see the weather changes and forest fires, hurricanes ect, then your the one thats being scammed, my brother. I know that those in power are taking advantage of it to make money, but it is still very real.

    By JCisGOD1 on Feb 13, 2013

  27. hmmm 32 deg huh wait till spring for my frozen chicken legs ! —- all comments by me are just a joke to ya. but seems like a very good idea. might just build one and try it on next camping expo & i’ll let ya know ! THANKS for your time and efforts.

    By dennis ryan on Feb 13, 2013

  28. how many meals do you eat in a day ? seems like only time for 1 !

    By dennis ryan on Feb 13, 2013

  29. yada yada yada !!!!  for what.

    By dennis ryan on Feb 13, 2013

  30. reminds me of my x

    By dennis ryan on Feb 13, 2013

  31. Fantastic

    By gsatchu111 on Feb 13, 2013

  32. great video but i think you’re still asleep, global warming has been proven to be a lie so they can enforce ppl like you to pay carbon taxes i urge you to look into it has…

    By MrPlanethugger on Feb 13, 2013

  33. this is AWESOME. super useful info, thank you for posting!!

    By Qiroqi on Feb 14, 2013

  34. Wow, a two year old video but I just now learned how to do this. Nice work.

    By SpencerFamily1 on Feb 14, 2013

  35. global warming is a scam I can’t believe people are still falling for this crap.

    By coolvideo28 on Feb 14, 2013

  36. I have two solar ovens made very similar to yours. I can cook an entire chicken in either of the ovens in about 6 hours on a sunny day. I have a few solar cooking related videos on my channel page.

    By bernardotech on Feb 14, 2013

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