solar cooker international -Solar Cookers & Safe Water: 2013 Goals

August 22, 2013 – 6:24 am

** Solar Cookers International provides solar cooking and water pasteurization devices in the fuel-poor, sun-rich regions of the world.

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  1. 2 Responses to “solar cooker international -Solar Cookers & Safe Water: 2013 Goals”

  2. Good work´╗┐ Julie.

    By Scott Rundle on Aug 22, 2013

  3. Solar cooking was practical, indeed. but to a country like where I belong,the Philippines where the inclination´╗┐ was more on the politics, social trends and fads,like the movie thing and the “in” thing,etc,solar cooking was a distant future unless all our resources were consumed and awaken one day that it was transferred to politicians and foreigner investors,(Chinese) mostly who were loved by Filipinos by enriching them and impoverishing themselves…

    By Fernando Silot on Aug 22, 2013

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