solar cooker materials -Solar cooker project materials

December 28, 2013 – 12:22 am

** These are the materials used to make my solar cooker for Physics 112. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Learn how to make a ** oven simple, cheap and effective solar tire. Using only a tire (or tires), some glass, paper and silver leaf you can cook the food in t …

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar cooker materials -Solar cooker project materials”

  2. Great job, thanks!

    By Ben Blazinovic on Dec 28, 2013

  3. Thank you !
    very smart 

    By Evelyn Marcel on Dec 28, 2013

  4. Nice video, using a tyre is a good idea.
    What temperature do you get up to? If it’s less than 105-115 C you could
    look at using polyethylene foam wrap instead of newspaper, it’s that semi
    opaque thin plastic foam stuff often used to wrap fruit/new tvs etc. You
    can get large amounts for free and it’s a surprisingly good insulant.
    The main thing tho would be your reflective surface. Since the tinfoil
    isn’t a perfect paraboloidal mirror it’s going to be reflecting more light
    out of the oven than onto the pot. Have you tried using something like
    black cotton instead? That way all the light hitting it would be absorbed
    and radiated as heat, which the glass will mostly block. Currently most of
    your light is reflected as light, and will just go back out through the
    If you do try a side by side comparrison please let me know, I also work on
    this kind of thing and would be very interested in your results.
    Good to see others doing this stuff, keep it up.

    By Daniel Connell on Dec 28, 2013

  5. Fantastic idea & instruction!
    Love the music too :) 

    By L84aD82012 on Dec 28, 2013

  6. jeste bych tu pneumatiku vycistil,aby byla co nejvic cerna a alobal jen k
    hrnku a tvar paraboly. pasoval bych ho na prezidenta,aby jeho bohata zeme
    mohla zit po pravu a ne proti. fandim!

    By PawkaZX6R on Dec 28, 2013

  7. Nicely done ! Very MacGyver like ! PEACE !

    By Snapshotok2000 on Dec 28, 2013

  8. I love your video! Thank you!

    By camelia markham on Dec 28, 2013

  9. Allways very impressed with these videos!

    By 009kronos on Dec 28, 2013

  10. nice video

    By frostyy55 on Dec 28, 2013

  11. u are so awesome thank u

    By insa jhonson on Dec 28, 2013

  12. Cool!

    By Rebecca Spratling on Dec 28, 2013

  13. Great video!

    By naturaljoy007 on Dec 28, 2013

  14. Great video! I’ve been looking for a homemade solar oven that I could
    actually make myself. This is it! Thanks!!!

    By virginia7191 on Dec 28, 2013

  15. Thank you very much for sharing Moses! This is easy, I am going to try it
    also next summer in my vegetable garden. It saves me gas.

    By Coby TeunePabon on Dec 28, 2013

  16. Solar Tyre Oven for under $5 – How to make a cheap solar cooker – Tire

    By Nicholas Patten on Dec 28, 2013

  17. That’s exactly what I plan to do here in Uganda. I have this video on a
    portable mini-projector.

    By John Cleverley on Dec 28, 2013

  18. Wish the people who needed this most could view it themselves. Kinda like
    bring a laptop to certain locations and show them how its done…
    accompanied by physical demonstrations of course :)

    By GreenTeaGoku on Dec 28, 2013

  19. Great video, this could be very useful in a power outage. Thanks!

    By MSOfficerG on Dec 28, 2013

  20. Thats pretty cool.

    By superslyfoxx1 on Dec 28, 2013

  21. Pretty Cool, Moses

    By Stephen Ndichu on Dec 28, 2013

  22. good video

    By berderius on Dec 28, 2013

  23. Thank you, Moses! Very practical.

    By loclvocl on Dec 28, 2013

  24. That’s really neat! Thank you Moses! :)

    By heartsglory on Dec 28, 2013

  25. Interesting! How to build a *solar oven* using a tire, some glass,
    newspaper, silver foil, tape, a black pot, and a few hours.

    By Yoko T on Dec 28, 2013

  26. Interesting! How to build a *solar oven* using a tire, some glass,
    newspaper, silver foil, tape, a black pot, and a few hours.

    By Ted Ewen on Dec 28, 2013

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