solar cooker plan -How-to for car sunshade solar cooker windshield

January 18, 2015 – 6:22 pm

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar cooker plan -How-to for car sunshade solar cooker windshield”

  2. These things should be teached at school, to boy scouts and also, i repeat,
    also to “Doctors without frontiers”, etc. Drinking boiled water is very
    important in some countries. Very well made video.

    By carloscarlino1 on Jan 18, 2015

  3. Awesome, I have car sun shade sitting in my garage now I find a way to use

    By Glenn Hough on Jan 18, 2015

  4. Very elegant …. in a simple pragmatic way ….. hope your teaching this
    stuff in school to de bunk the complex with a big corperate name it what it
    has to be.

    By magna59 on Jan 18, 2015

  5. That’s a crazy diy mod. Nice one.

    By AutoTruckAccessories on Jan 18, 2015

  6. I like the way to you test the sun reflection to the target, also you use a

    By nasser a on Jan 18, 2015

  7. Gonna try this on the next fishing trip…

    By peepmysteelo on Jan 18, 2015

  8. You can find the 98% reflective plastic mirror at carnivalmirror com. 24″
    by 54″ piece is only $29 delivered in USA they shp overseas too.

    By George Ryans on Jan 18, 2015

  9. Thanks.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 18, 2015

  10. Wow. When did Steve Carell start making science videos?

    By Kevin Medici on Jan 18, 2015

  11. My pleasure. Good eating!

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 18, 2015

  12. Yup! Trout! Will definitely try to get a vid up (if) when it happens!

    By peepmysteelo on Jan 18, 2015

  13. @nasser5252 Good idea. Thanks. For those of us in North America he means to
    use a flashlight. Another idea is to use a laser but be careful about it
    reflecting into your eye.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 18, 2015

  14. Ok then getting a pot as small as possible that is black as a main pot then
    getting a glass pot larger than the cooking pot. Yeah minimizing the mass
    of the black main pot for minimizing cook times would be good too. I think
    they make larger mason jars than the one I saw in your video about the
    first solar cooker would one of those work or maybe two halves of a plastic
    bottle like a soda bottle duck taped together.

    By Ensensu2 on Jan 18, 2015

  15. @FluffeeKay :-) Thanks, I think. Look alike, sound alike or just too funny?

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 18, 2015

  16. Awesome! Thanks

    By J.J. Sears on Jan 18, 2015

  17. @JJSears10 Thanks! My pleasure.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 18, 2015

  18. Oh, and thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my videos! Thanks for the feedback.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 18, 2015

  19. try using velcro around the edges.

    By Bill Hamilton on Jan 18, 2015

  20. Are you gonna cook the fish you catch? That would be even more cool!

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 19, 2015

  21. Thanks! I aim to please! And thanks for all the likes and the sub.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 19, 2015

  22. There’s no brand on it and I got it secondhand on freecycle. It’s standard
    size, not for SUVs. Mine isn’t the best anyway; it’s very bumpy which means
    it doesn’t reflect as much to the cooking pot. You’ll also want to use a
    cooking bag around the cooking pot to hold in the hot air, though a glass
    or pyrex container would do a better job though they’re harder to find
    since they have to be larger than the cooking pot. I agree re minimizing
    the mass.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 19, 2015

  23. As long as the beam is narrow enough, that sound like it’ll work.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 19, 2015

  24. Thanks for the tips

    By Javi Veltron on Jan 19, 2015

  25. Oh, I agree. It’s the simplest to make solar cooker I know of and it works!
    I hope he has fun with it.

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 19, 2015

  26. @magna59 I don’t teach school but I agree it should be. I am teaching solar
    cooking in an adult general interest half-day course in April here in

    By RimstarOrg on Jan 19, 2015

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