solar energy cooker -Solar Cooker

September 17, 2012 – 3:26 pm

E ** ‘very cool thing! It ‘easy to handle and reliable. It is a solar oven in sunny and an umbrella on rainy day. You can boil water, fry eggs, grill, and cook potatoes, dumplings, and soup. It is also perfect for solar energy education for children. That is used to boil a liter of water in 5 minutes.

** This is the best way to make a Octarig eight arm for a solar oven. This is part 1. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 48 Responses to “solar energy cooker -Solar Cooker”

  2. lol

    By vinilla on Sep 17, 2012

  3. this is da real shit yo dawgs

    By DrSpissmus on Sep 17, 2012

  4. so your telling me this fancy pants umbrella can cook me dinner?

    By tay147tay741 on Sep 17, 2012

  5. And “you(s)” don”t know proper english grammar…how sad.

    By khmerog1 on Sep 17, 2012

  6. hahah wtf @ 1:22..Ralph Lauren?

    By khmerog1 on Sep 17, 2012


    By gsatchu111 on Sep 17, 2012

  8. And, you can also sit under these for protection of the sun’s warmth!! xD

    By MrBJR69 on Sep 17, 2012

  9. I do solar cooking in the US in the state of Michigan and know how effective it is. Year round long as the sun is shining, food can be cooked. Few people know that it is practical in the US. I wonder if you have to deal in Japan with lack of knowledge and people’s trust in what is traditionally done. Unlike my 60/30 solar oven your parabolic umbrella cooker is much more portable. I think more people will like that. I like it.

    By c33r0k33 on Sep 17, 2012

  10. NICE.

    By w2Margaret727 on Sep 17, 2012

  11. Dudes got long nails

    By NetteFraulein on Sep 17, 2012

  12. Hi do you sell a model that can take a pot with 3-4 liters ?
    What price?

    Thanks :) 

    By nervousdog1 on Sep 17, 2012

  13. very nice solar product , but please make available on Ebay for internationnal big sell

    By 3DFULLHD on Sep 17, 2012

  14. The clip is calledf “Solar Cooker” I would have liked to see it cooking something.

    By Mike Collins on Sep 17, 2012

  15. This Engineers didn’t learn anything from LEGO…. how sad.

    By Ramiromasters on Sep 17, 2012

  16. Thanks a lot for fast reply!
    Sorry about that! It’s just that many YouTube videos don’t explain well.
    Are you a supplier or seller?
    Can this bring water to boil? How fast?
    A demo video of that would be helpful for all to see.
    Thanks very much for your time.

    By bushsuxcheney on Sep 17, 2012

  17. This is email.

    By apexwave on Sep 17, 2012

  18. Hello,
    The manufacturer is Eneropto in Korea.
    If you need more info, I’ll send it to you.

    By apexwave on Sep 17, 2012

  19. What’s the brand? It’s not on eBay under solar cooker or solar mirror. How much is it? What places besides eBay gave them?
    Another frustrating YouTube post lacking important info.

    By bushsuxcheney on Sep 17, 2012

  20. 3:06 I just love the strong electromagnetic effect it produces on your camera. You get the same thing filming close to a bonfire only the effect is much weaker

    By TheHallucinati on Sep 17, 2012

  21. Yes, you can buy it from ebay. We changed the model which is more stable…

    By apexwave on Sep 17, 2012

  22. Can you buy this?

    By jeremywendelin on Sep 17, 2012

  23. It’s great~
    It will be much better if you can record the boiling of water.

    By samueltingko on Sep 18, 2012

  24. can you get the sports channels on that dish

    By woodybollox on Sep 18, 2012

  25. English is written with a capital letter, sentences start with a capital letter, “Dollar” is also written with a capital letter. One period at the end is enough and your grammar is poor.

    They aren’t that bad, are they?

    By 321ozzy on Sep 18, 2012

  26. Not trying to be a butt head here but I would not cut wood on the table saw the way you just demonstrated (of course you have every right to do it however you want) I agree to keep your hands as far away from the blade as possible. I use a pusher to push the wood thru when the cut would be too close to my hands. Also I use ear protection and eyes protection, It did not look like you used ear protection, if I am wrong about that I apologize

    By stevemccollum2011 on Sep 18, 2012

  27. Hitachi 10″

    By GREENPOWERSCIENCE on Sep 18, 2012

  28. I agree metric is better! Guns are metric here. 3543/10000″ pistol = 9mm
    Camera lenses are mm
    Telescopes mm.
    We also use Kilo for our watts.
    I need metric T squares and Rulers. The USA versions with both place the metric on the opposite side so you work Right to left. Also all the stocks of material here are in inches.

    By GREENPOWERSCIENCE on Sep 18, 2012

  29. Can also paint it white and use it as a Christmas lawn ornament! :-)

    By MrConradF on Sep 18, 2012

  30. Dan, I love your yard. I could spend days there making things!

    By Vparanormal1 on Sep 18, 2012

  31. Dan, nice ideas that I am going to implement.

    By Vparanormal1 on Sep 18, 2012

  32. Damn! What a waste of glue. You used so much for a little spot. You need to get yourself some acid brushes. Use one to spread the glue.

    By iiinsaiii on Sep 18, 2012

  33. Ok, I’m not starting a debate on which is better, the world has already chosen. I was asking when you were going to catch up?

    By relaxandminecraft on Sep 18, 2012

  34. Dan-
    The reason woodworkers extend the blade up about 1 tooth past the ‘top’ of the work is to reduce the kickback possibility as the blade forces the wood more downward into the table than backward into the feed path.
    All through the wood cuts should be done using the saws safety mechanisms. With proper blade guard and kickback pawls, you can work on the saw surface. Also, push sticks and feather boards help greatly.

    By SHcinema on Sep 18, 2012

  35. As an american carpenter i don’t. I agree metric measurements are better for chemistry but not around wood. when you get around 32nds and 64ths of an inch you start splitting millimeters. not to mention fractions are easier when it comes to multiplying and dividing.

    By killakobra on Sep 18, 2012

  36. Your miter saw cuts pretty smooth! What brand/style blades do you use?

    By TheMugrad2002 on Sep 18, 2012

  37. Greetings to Boo Boo

    By Marcial Galaxio on Sep 18, 2012

  38. THANKS!!! Great work!!!

    By Marcial Galaxio on Sep 18, 2012

  39. I never really watch twenty minute videos but each one of your vids have info all the way through. EVERY STEP HAS A PURPOSE. I think I will start woodworking again. You make it look way too easy and fun. WHY you guys are not on a DIY tv show is a mystery 2 me:-) You kick ass. July

    By JULYINJULY on Sep 18, 2012

  40. As a British carpenter.. i disagree and so does every other country in the world bar three

    By relaxandminecraft on Sep 18, 2012

  41. metrics don’t work as well for wood working.

    By killakobra on Sep 18, 2012

  42. What type of video camera do y’all use?

    By kingsforerunner on Sep 18, 2012

  43. Most 2-by-4 are a few inches longer than the stated length so if you trim the ends off first, your final cut in the center can be at exactly your final length. Plus, by squaring the ends first you guarantee a good measurement. Another trick to find center is to use a speed-square which is made for this and has marks for commonly used measurements. mark 1.75″ [or whatever is close to center for the size board you're ripping] from both side-edges at the end. Use the gap between the two marks.

    By WalksIn2Trees on Sep 18, 2012

  44. will you ever use metric like the rest of the world?

    By relaxandminecraft on Sep 18, 2012

  45. Great work Dan, how are your home built solar panels holding up?

    By eav0567 on Sep 18, 2012

  46. boo boo the caT?

    By loveuala on Sep 18, 2012

  47. Thats freakin cool man

    By Andrew Williams on Sep 18, 2012

  48. Thank you for the nice comment. Evacuated Solar Tubes Vacuum Solar Tubes.

    By GREENPOWERSCIENCE on Sep 18, 2012

  49. Thank you.

    By GREENPOWERSCIENCE on Sep 18, 2012

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