solar energy cookers -Inspiramental’s Solar Oven Cooking Demo

January 13, 2012 – 3:34 am

** Info at Inspiramental Co. is the 2011 Great Darke County Fair introduce people to the wonderful world of solar energy, solar hot water and natural pools. But we are not all work and no play. We have collaborated with Chef Jeff to show off the wonders of cooking with a solar oven. Join us Tuesday, August 23 as Chef Jeff shows us how to prepare a baby beet and arugula salad to the solar oven. We are halfway Implement Row (runs along Sweitzer St.) at the Great Darke County Fair all week. Come out and see us! Video Rating: 5 / 5

** These interlocking Sustainable Environment Montessori-style K-12 education classes, plus 3 interviews with influential global holistic health, engineering, hydrogen, and solar cooker pioneers, are designed to save lives and save ‘ environment of our planet. The purpose of our common lessons include basic human needs for organic food, clean water, renewable energy, solar adobe houses, all produced by the individual household level. They emphasize simple, inexpensive, low-tech and labor intensive, and completely hands-on solutions to global problems more severe, while stressing the hope and joyful children’s education. Lessons help build holistic health, character development, cooperation, interdependent systems of higher order thinking, and a sense of global responsibility. These lessons may seem deceptively simple, but all used together as a whole, show how to save life on our planet, doing more with less, while still using nature as a model. Surprisingly, these lessons are entirely student designed, shot and edited. They are not slick or professional, but they are full of love and sincerity. Songs and graphs are used to summarize the principles. Level One contains lessons in organic gardening, composting, collection, collection of seeds, herbs simple, small animal husbandry, natural water purification, solar water purification, and solar cooking. Level two contains lessons on greenhouse construction, scale house Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. One Response to “solar energy cookers -Inspiramental’s Solar Oven Cooking Demo”

  2. Dear Barbara and Sherry,
    I’m so happy to have found this recent interview while looking for advice on my first time canning with my much used solar cooker. I love your wisdom and humor´╗┐ and want you to know that I have held your names in a special place for so long as those who inspired the growing solar cooking movement!
    Thank you and best wishes!
    Maria Gilardin

    By mariagilardin on Jan 13, 2012

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