solar energy cookers -Primrose-Inspired Table Top Solar Cooker – Frying Egg

January 7, 2012 – 12:23 am

** This solar cooker is a project recently completed, built by the partial plans found on the Internet. The pan or pot is heated by sunlight, reflected from the concentrator mirror array at the bottom of the pot. The angle of the concentrator is manually adjusted to follow the movement of the sun in the sky. Primrose Design is originally by Prof. Roger Bernard, but I made some changes, such as adjusting the positions published concentrator mirror to better “focus” the light of the sun to the area of ​​the plate, and curving the mirrors on the sides of the pot redirect sunlight to the plate that would otherwise pass under the bottom. After some initial testing, I have been very pleased with the results, having successfully cooked rice, corn bread, lentils, mixed vegetables and eggs. Because I’m interested to cook with solar energy? 1. And ‘an alternative way to cook when the power grid goes down. 2. It has the potential to save the bill. 3. Help to conserve natural resources that God has given us (good governance). 4. It ’s funny! If you are interested, I invite you to search the Internet for “Solar Cooking” and check out the many other alternative ideas to harness solar energy for cooking. Many of them are much simpler than this design, and cost little or nothing to put together (depending on your resourcefulness). Some projects are more challenging and more powerful than this. Why not check out some of them out (before the grid goes down Video Rating: 0 / 5

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