solar funnel cooker -Solar funnel cooker in action!

May 9, 2012 – 9:22 am

E ** Stephen Jones professor of physics at Brigham Young University has designed this type of solar cooker funnel and works well

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  1. 24 Responses to “solar funnel cooker -Solar funnel cooker in action!”

  2. Short answer is no. It is a canning jar, the lid is on a bit loose and is designed to release pressure  anyway. There is no aluminum jacket, the insulation is just a plastic bag or an oven bag wrapped round the jar.. The reflector shields a lot of wind from the jar but its main job is to reflect the sunlight to it and concentrate it for a decent length of time. Supposed to be about 2 hours.

    By gaiatechnician on May 9, 2012

  3. U mean you put the subject in a jar, wrap it with an insulated aluminum-jacket and let it sun burn. Of course you cannot close the jar or it MAY explode. Depending upon the length of time u put it out in the sun + the strength of the sun; it may be cooked, burned or raw. It’s very much like a DIY solar air heater or solar water heater: Just let the sun do the work. Make sure whatever chemical you put on the jar or “jacket” (if any) is edible. The sun will do the trick anyway

    By LOOKlearnLAUGH on May 9, 2012

  4. Paint your jars flat black to increase heat absorption. You can apply a stripe of tape prior to applying the paint and then strip it off after the paint has dried so as to still have a window to view the interior of the jar with. High temperature paint works best.

    I hope this helps.

    By SororThothma on May 9, 2012

  5. he’s an astrophysisisimisisttststst?

    By gaypotter on May 9, 2012

  6. make popcorn?

    By Felipizil on May 9, 2012

  7. Interesting video, I’m in the central part of Ontario, it’s so cloudy lately. But I would like to try this when the sun’s out. Thank you for posting!

    By papermason on May 9, 2012

  8. if you add a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar your veggies will retain the color.

    By artnuwa11 on May 9, 2012

  9. Saw this on the internet 6 years ago. I use an old auto reflective shade I bought a Goodwill. Chicken Wing Adobo, Gumbo, and Minestrone Soup are favorites of students. Thanks for keeping simple.

    By gauuan on May 9, 2012

  10. I did not have the jar sealed (the lid was not tightly screwed down). I believe you can have them sealed but why risk it? The seal is part of the lid with my type and i just leave it loose. Thank you for comment

    By gaiatechnician on May 9, 2012

  11. Hi Gaiatechnician,
    It appears as though you used the rubber seal when you cooked with the canning jar. Have you ever had one of your canning jars explode?  I just tried the experiment with a canning jar but I was reluctant to use the seal with the clamp as I cautioned that the pressure might shatter the glass if none of it(pressure) is allowed to escape. Great vids. and inspiring ideas.

    By eab84 on May 9, 2012

  12. If you add a little molasses to the water, it darkens a lot and absorbs heat better.

    By gaiatechnician on May 9, 2012

  13. Thanks for showing us a new twist to solar cooking – in mason jars no less - great idea.

    By usmartine on May 9, 2012

  14. I have a new solar cooker video where I have an inexpensive way of following the sun. I hope to make a much better prototype soon. Brian

    By gaiatechnician on May 9, 2012

  15. You can even coat glass jars (with lids) with black Tempura paint and use those to cook in.
    Close the bag with a twisty tie or put a lid on your large glass outer container and keep moving the box or Cook-It opening toward the sun as the day wears on.
    Your food will never burn, and it won’t dry out.
    Dark foods work best.

    By WNanette on May 9, 2012

  16. Dark glass (blue Corning ware) or ceramic works, as well as cast iron, but they take a lot longer to heat up.
    OK, You have a solar box cooker all built, and your shiny side out foil is still really smooth and wrinkle-free.
    Aim it at the sun, tilting if need be, put your large roaster bag in the center but not touching the walls, in that put your glass or dark metal pot, preferably with a lid.

    By WNanette on May 9, 2012

  17. to ‘can’ food, just cap the canning jar with the lid and put the ring on but don’t screw it down tight.
    To just cook stuff, look in the cheap pots & pans section of your local supermarket for those black metal pans, sometimes they have paint splattered on them (hence the name spatterware).

    By WNanette on May 9, 2012

  18. (cooking – sorry) – anyway
    Find out your angle of declination (where are you on the globe?), then look up solar box cookers or solar cookers on the net here. Make yourself some solar box cookers, a ‘Cook-It’ and a few different kinds of solar cookers.

    By WNanette on May 9, 2012

  19. Hi landslave,
    You need cardboard or an old satellite dish ^_^ some smooth foil, or if you have the finances, large sheets of Mylar. The trick to keep whatever you’re coking in from losing heat to the sky or wind is either large, turkey-size roasting bags (they are reusable if you take very good care of them), or large glass (Pyrex) containers to put the darker pot in.

    By WNanette on May 9, 2012

  20. Thank you gaiatechnician. You know – Dr Steven Jones is quite the celebrity now! ^_^ I had no idea he is espousing solar cookery – good for him!
    PLEASE ignore idiots such as ‘longtang’.

    We thinking viewers salute you and your noble efforts – wonderful!

    PS: I adore Victoria!! I have a dear friend who lives out on Dallas Road, I think it is. She has the most incredible view of the Olympics south of her.

    By WNanette on May 9, 2012

  21. It is really hard opening a bottle with one hand with a camera in the other when the water is boiling hot! And I was recovering from vein surgery so most of my movement hurt.

    By gaiatechnician on May 9, 2012

  22. this guy can’t even open water; how the hell are you going to trust him to cook for u? I have heard that the first lesson in cooking school is boiling water. He can’t even open the water to cook it.  He fails.

    By longtang1234 on May 9, 2012

  23. Very important demonstration. Would you consider reproducing this with a camera person and a greater eplanation of the process? Consider including a thermometer to examplify the temperatures obtained. Describe and film the reflective material that is your cooker? OVERALL, VERY GOOD. THANK YOU!!!

    By landslave on May 9, 2012

  24. you rule.

    By soybomb89 on May 9, 2012

  25. you suck

    By sosna00 on May 9, 2012

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