solar oven cookers -Cooking Pork Roast and Apples in a Solar Oven

March 2, 2013 – 9:24 pm

** This video shows how a solar oven works and how to make an impressive version of roast pork and apples with it. The sun oven is a big step towards being more self-sufficient and works in a totally free energy passive method. The oven in the video is the “Global Sun Oven” and I am very satisfied. To hear more from Jack in tune The Podcast survival every day of the week.

** I wanted to wait until next week before making any video, but the opportunity presented itself, here it is. This is my first attempt at cooking with my oven Sun in winter. Even though I bought my solar oven to be used during the summer months (thus avoiding turning on the oven and heat the house), I still want to see how it behaves in sub-freezing temps. Curiosity and all that, you know. If we had more sun in the winter months, say, Colorado or Wisconsin, I would definitely be using this device throughout the year. It ’s great! It ’s like having an outdoor crockpot where the food tastes better and the energy to “switch” is free!

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  1. 48 Responses to “solar oven cookers -Cooking Pork Roast and Apples in a Solar Oven”

  2. want good advise? use a candle, and put the outside of the lid in the candle fire to make it dirty black smoked smug, it will be perfectly black and not gray like the pot is, and the main thing – it will not reflect the sun away but will absorb everything, try it and make a video!

    By Igor Zh on Mar 2, 2013

  3. yep that is my question also

    By kmoney14141 on Mar 2, 2013

  4. it would have been so nice to see you cut the meat so we could have seen that is was cooked
    i know 350 it would eventually cook it but it is the best i seen for cooking something yet
    where is the video that tells us how to make that one oven

    By kmoney14141 on Mar 2, 2013

  5. That was an awesome video.
    Thank you!

    By walterric on Mar 2, 2013

  6. second strait vid with ex dog! ..and my dog is almost 14!..omen?

    By sonydogman on Mar 2, 2013

  7. thanks for the great instructional vid. but i’m not happy that you made me so hungry after i just finished eating. think you can mail me a sample of that?

    By 9072aaa on Mar 3, 2013

  8. awesome video man how much did it cost for the whole set up? Is that glass or plastic?

    By danthadon87 on Mar 3, 2013

  9. This is probably what happened to the World Trade Center. The sun melted the steel.

    By themop11 on Mar 3, 2013

  10. So just to be clear, are you saying that it is F?

    By wilsocn on Mar 3, 2013

  11. lol talking common sense will only confuse him.

    By Chris Smith on Mar 3, 2013

  12. Thank you and the Mrs. for sharing Jack. Just got my Sun Oven this weekend and I am about to try baking some bread. I must try your solar pork with apples, looks Dee-lishhhhh.  Oh and this is the year 2012, I listen in to the radio podcast each week, and this is my first time viewing your vids, cool. :) God bless you all !

    By missmamtube on Mar 3, 2013

  13. How much does this oven cost?

    By HirtleSha on Mar 3, 2013

  14. she does what to your perfectly seasoned steak?

    By ThereWillBeHellToPay on Mar 3, 2013

  15. 2:37

    By TheDreamCar on Mar 3, 2013

  16. dogs have there ears burned alive for sniffing to close allways watch out for them near solar ovens. is the food really cooks looks raw and not brown

    By ronald ferreira on Mar 3, 2013

  17. It’s been raining here for 2 weeks I’m SOOOO hungry…! Where’s the sun??

    By n3qdz on Mar 3, 2013

  18. is that rely his t shirt. dont think there was a parachute made that big

    By gareth murtagh on Mar 3, 2013

  19. he should be on DOOMDAY PREPERS!

    By Antonio Cruz on Mar 3, 2013

  20. Nice butt shot! Just kidding….researching solar ovens and enjoyed your vid.

    By oviedo2912 on Mar 3, 2013

  21. I’m going to have to figure out how to make one of these

    By mogges1 on Mar 3, 2013

  22. Some made a comment asking about burn bans. well with a solar oven there are no open flames

    By mogges1 on Mar 3, 2013

  23. @superGeniusLife You are an idiot. nice

    By treeml on Mar 3, 2013

  24. DON’T EAT PIG (SWINE) IT’S VERY DANGEROUS FOR YOUR BODY ->>> eating from (beef,mutton) IT’S THE BEST WAY ! ;)
    ((and all of beef & mutton / lamb – chicken – goat – turkey – camel – duck – goose – quail – mandate / buffel meat)) It’s to eating is health

    By SuperGeniusLife on Mar 3, 2013

  25. Awesome. Why we don’t fully utilize this free energy is something that has puzzled for years.

    By Bill Voelker on Mar 3, 2013

  26. Only downside to those ovens in the winter.

    Some ovens are better though. On one video I watched, a man says that the shadow of the sun should be behind the oven squarely and then you can move or check on the oven to adjust it when the sun moves.

    By BeautyHealthZoneBlog on Mar 3, 2013

  27. Awesome! You should post the recipe! :)

    By mrshaggie810 on Mar 3, 2013

  28. Ha ha — I have a feeling I have created more than a few “I told you so!” moments in marriages as yours is not the first message received that said I had that proved a spouse wrong. If there’s sun, the oven works. Maybe doesn’t get as hot as in July, but it still cooks.

    By Michigansnowpony on Mar 3, 2013

  29. I am so glad I found this video. I have been asking my husband for one of these and he said it would not help us for the winter months here in NY. You just proved him wrong. Thank you for doing this video.

    By SpiritGirl1961 on Mar 3, 2013

  30. Is the inside of the oven made out of metal?

    By 4977abc on Mar 3, 2013

  31. Some I dehydrate. The rest I keep in doubled, brown paper grocery sacks in our garage over the winter.

    By Michigansnowpony on Mar 3, 2013

  32. hi, how do u store your potatoes? Thanks

    By mamameisa on Mar 3, 2013

  33. Brilliant idea! I liked his building methods too — simple! I can probably manage poster board, a couple of pieces of wood and clamps. But did he say where and what he used for the reflective material he added? If so, I missed it.  Was it just mylar that he attached to the posterboard do you think?

    By Michigansnowpony on Mar 3, 2013

  34. hi..Thought this video would be of some value for you and those who are at a lattitude where you get some months of sun angle does not provide you with the ability to get your Global Sun Oven up above about 225 degrees.. It’s a well done video to easily extend the surface area of your reflectors and get it up and beyond that much needed +250 degree area!

    By Ping Pong on Mar 3, 2013

  35. Great video, I really enjoyed watching it. The food looks good.

    By UNIVERSITYHI on Mar 3, 2013

  36. It’s a single pane. Isn’t that amazing it will still heat up like that? Emergency Essentials has a double-wide model which looks to be made very similiar to this one for under $200. I covet it because I’m pretty sure it would hold a cookie sheet. LOL.

    By Michigansnowpony on Mar 3, 2013

  37. Do you have single or double pain glass on the oven

    By depravedpuma on Mar 3, 2013

  38. I started to build an oven from this Idea…cant wait to test it…One Love Sweden

    By Charles Mckay on Mar 3, 2013

  39. all i have is a parabolic dish do you think i should buy this oven. america soaks us the s/h for hawaii 100 something dollars

    By ronald ferreira on Mar 3, 2013

  40. green homes

    By Hamid Ka on Mar 3, 2013

  41. I love it! We built a fresnel lens frame and stand for our project last night and we have a 2nd fresnel lens but this oven seems awesome

    By HomelessShelterRice on Mar 3, 2013

  42. hell no shut the front door!! I dont believe it I  am so impressed!! I gotta see this website

    By K Archie on Mar 3, 2013

  43. – Absolutely! Beer bread was one of the first things I made in mine. Turned out fabulous (although admittedly, it’s hard to screw up beer bread LOL). As far as a EMP or something similiar really messing things up, you bet, a sunoven will be a lifesaver — literally. You can sterolize water in it too.  Keep an eye on Ebay for one — they don’t come up very often, but that’s where I got my second one. The Sunoven brand is worth the money though, IMHO.

    By Michigansnowpony on Mar 3, 2013

  44. cool

    By jmmurdy on Mar 3, 2013

  45. …or put it in a hole in the ground! Or both! Sorry for the double post, I’m just saying, the ground would be a good insulator.

    By Zerocreature on Mar 3, 2013

  46. You could probably get better temperatures out of it if you insulated the exterior!

    By Zerocreature on Mar 3, 2013

  47. Rabbit paw prints @ 3:22 …

    By luc649 on Mar 3, 2013

  48. – It’s a commercially-made model called the SunOven.  I bought mine directly from the company, but if you google sunoven, you’ll come up with quite a few sources, some of whom might be cheaper. I got a second one on ebay, for example. They retail for about $225 in most cases. Not cheap, but IMHO, one of the best ones out there and very well designed.

    By Michigansnowpony on Mar 3, 2013

  49. Really cool. So where did you get it or did you build it?

    By vonhismean on Mar 3, 2013

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