solar parabolic cooker -Parabolic Solar Cooker (Promo)

May 20, 2013 – 3:23 pm

** Video Rating: 5 / 5

Cooking ** solar cooker using a parabolic 5 feet and 3 liters Hawkins pressure cooker.

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  1. 11 Responses to “solar parabolic cooker -Parabolic Solar Cooker (Promo)”

  2. if you marinade the ribs over night in beer they will be very very tender ,.

    By Mudpaws Voom on May 20, 2013

  3. Can’t you find some shade to rest in while the cooker is out in the sun?

    By rappman3taken on May 20, 2013

  4. disadvantage is that we have to wait in this extreme hot sun.

    By SuperDesi45 on May 20, 2013

  5. I use high temperature spray paint that you can purchase at any automotive parts store like Autozone. It’s good up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and has held up great. The 5 foot diameter parabolic produces temperatures up to 825 degrees Fahrenheit.

    By rappman3taken on May 20, 2013

  6. Awesome video! Just wondering how the black paint held up? Thanks for posting!

    By ScoutCrafter on May 20, 2013

  7. you can purchase one with a small electric motor that will automatically track the sun all day. The focal point stays on the cooking vessel for approximately 30 to 45 minutes contingent upon the diameter of the cooking vessel. Pressure cookers work great with this type of solar cooker.

    By rappman3taken on May 20, 2013

  8. would be interesting to find a list of foods that can cook to completion without having to adjust the satellite dish to follow the sun. Obviously the pressure cooker idea cooks things much faster then regular cooking so the question is what all can be cooked in the time that the sun passes through the focal point with no adjusting or fussing. Do you have any ideas ?

    By trentontrading on May 20, 2013

  9. This is a pressure cooker. There has to be liquid in a pressure cooker.

    By rappman3taken on May 20, 2013

  10. Try doing ribs this way *without* adding liquid to the cooker. Instead, add apple or some other wood chips to the bottom where the heat is highest (*NOT* hickory or mesquite, because they are too strong).

    The moisture from the ribs will circulate inside, keeping them moist without that boiled taste/consistancy.

    By automaton111 on May 20, 2013

  11. You can use a satellite dish if it is large enough. I think you would need at least a 5 foot diameter dish. I tried a smaller parabolic, called the Solar Sizzler and it was not powerful enough to run a pressure cooker. You can use mirror vinyl for your reflective material. It’s fairly easy to apply and not to expensive. I always stand behind or off to the side of the parabolic for safety reasons, so shadows are not an issue.

    By rappman3taken on May 20, 2013

  12. Good and possible idea.
    Can we use satellite disc for this with aluminium coating
    how to reach cooker without hiding making shadow on panels
    will it reachable to cooker by standing out of panels

    By aasirulfazil on May 20, 2013

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