Solar Power Cooker – ECO-WORTHY New Portable Parabolic Sun Power Energy 1.5m Diameter Solar Cooker Water Cooking Oven Camping Reviews

June 19, 2015 – 3:22 am

ECO-WORTHY New Portable Parabolic Sun Power Energy 1.5m Diameter Solar Cooker Water Cooking Oven Camping

  • ECO-WORTHY solar cooker could convert over 95% sunlight in its focus area to heat source, people can use this source for cooking, water heating, material drying and so on.
  • It could boil 5L water in 15~20 mins, saving wood and coal, enjoy your healthy cooking with natural source, non-pollution.
  • Solar cooker all made of high quality carbon steel, support use triangle design, solar collector thickness over 0.6 mm, adjustment use lever and pulley design, easily tracking the sunlight.It can surely serve for your life over 10 years. It’s mirror reflective PET/ALUMINUM surface, make the temperature much higher than common reflector, design in 6 detachable parts, easily delivery and storage.
  • A Parabolic Solar Cooker is a great addition to any solar oven or solar panel cooker. Not only does it give you added capacity, but it can help speed up your cooking process altogether. It can reach extremely high temperatures, very quickly thus producing the possibility of burning the food if left unattended for any length of time.
  • Although most foods are better when they are slow cooked in a solar box or panel cooker, there are times when it is nice to be able to boil, fry, and saute more quickly those ingredients necessary for many solar cooking recipes.If used properly the parabolic will produce great cooking results and replace the need to turn on your stove top kitchen range burners.


Solar efficiency: above 65%

Centre focus area temperature: above 400℃

Centre focus area: 50~200 c㎡

Operating height: 1.1meters

Operating angle: 25 ~70degree

Materials reflective rate: 0.8

Reflective diameter: 1500mm


Portable and light weight to easy carry for camping

Max power 800Watt

Free energy cooking, environment friendly


For camping cooking

House cooker

Outdoor barb

Price: $ 119.00

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