November 17, 2012 – 9:23 pm ** This video shows the power of direct cooking. It is 5 times faster than bottom cooking but requires a lot of experience and requires caution. This is our third cooking episode using only a large Fresnel lens and only the power of the sun.

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  5. You can play with my eggs all day :D

    By Xbox360Chicken on Nov 17, 2012

  6. haha I like the yokes still liquid.

    By TravistheHuman on Nov 18, 2012

  7. But couldn’t you put a much smaller solar cell under the focal point of a fresnel lens and collect the same amount of solar energy with a much smaller PV infrastructure?

    By marcglennjensen on Nov 18, 2012

  8. Gotta be careful when using the SUN in videos. I believe some panzies from the RIAA have a copyright on it.

    By screamengine on Nov 18, 2012

  9. is this the spot lense or lenier  and how much is this one you have cost

    By click411 on Nov 18, 2012

  10. you guy are awsome

    By MrBen1160 on Nov 18, 2012

  11. Each additional lens only shortens the focal length and drops the overall net power by 20%. Fresnel lenses concentrate light, they do not amplify it. So a lenses the same size as the panel would be a net zero.

    By GREENPOWERSCIENCE on Nov 18, 2012

  12. i just thought of something.

    >fresnel lens over fresnel lens

    >the second fresnel lens being covered by the first fresnel lens looms over a solar panel

    >solar panel will get atleast twice the solar energy

    By HellHound60248 on Nov 18, 2012

  13. Eggs ? What’s eggs ? I only saw a sweeeet set of tits

    By lawnboyinthehood1980 on Nov 18, 2012

  14. you wife is fuk’n beautiful

    By blazterreck on Nov 18, 2012

  15. she is so good lookin

    By vandos11 on Nov 18, 2012

  16. brilliant video

    By chrispikeyp on Nov 18, 2012

  17. I know i exaggerated with my eight hour comment, this was just the first video of you guys I saw and was annoyed you said “real time” and never showed the pan heating up. Maybe I suffer from O.C.D

    I have watched many of your other videos since and they are very good and interesting, so don’t take my jabs to heart.

    I would love to see it melting copper, that would be rad, buy if you ever did make a copper melting video you should show it starting from ambient temperature.

    By brodywx on Nov 18, 2012

  18. No, after preheating for 30 seconds. That lens melts copper in under 1 minute.
    This was shot at noon so 8 hours would have been 4am. Not sure where you live but most places do not have sun at 4am.

    By GREENPOWERSCIENCE on Nov 18, 2012

  19. BREAKING NEWS!!! – In addition to all other changes happening in the world on October 28, 2011 which is the end of one of the Mayan calendar cycle, Free energy via Cold fusion will be launched. Look up e-cat cold fusion on the internet. This will definitely change our world. Isn’t that great? :)

    By hurc662000 on Nov 18, 2012

  20. So after preheating the pan and oil for a 8 hours, you were then able to cook an egg in 10 seconds?

    By brodywx on Nov 18, 2012

  21. That fresnel lens is like a death ray

    By fixinfotech on Nov 18, 2012

  22. this shit is so steampunk

    By ParapaDrifter on Nov 18, 2012

  23. I think I’d be too scared to work with something like that. If the lens is so powerful, how do you carry it out to location without burning something (or yourself)?

    By Lavenderrose73 on Nov 18, 2012

  24. can you ingest UV? just curious lmao

    By nesteaC on Nov 18, 2012

  25. A fire would require something to burn, like wood. Using just the sun you don’t consume any natural resources.

    By purplemutantas on Nov 18, 2012

  26. 1:08 cute

    By yoshihawv on Nov 18, 2012

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