What’s the best bang for the buck solar home power upgrade?

June 15, 2010 – 12:05 am

solar power home
by andresra

Question by TryToHaveFun: What’s the best bang for the buck solar home power upgrade?
I live in Florida. I’m trying to figure out how to break into solar power without spending a lot of money and actually get some good ROI. Any average homeowners out there using solar power? How/what did you do? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by J.V.
My neighbor did this here in NY and he spent about K to go to solar. He sells back extra power he uses to the electric company. He also got a rebate from the electric company to pay for half of it. So you may have to put out a lot of money but I think he got about 25% refunded to him immediately and then he get some money every month for selling the electricity to the power company.

A super way to go right now because oil will go so high that electric bill will quadriple within 2 years time and so you will be very glad with any solar projects you took on. The sooner the better cause one year from now half the country will want to invest in this!

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