solar heater pump -Solar water heating: why PV pumping? Mains pumped could delay your carbon breakeven by 3 years.

June 30, 2012 – 9:22 pm

Solar Water Heating **: Innovation clean = zero carbon operation. Save the planet: to install a solar PV pumped water instead of pumping mains. Analyze and report independent research demonstrates that the transition from a pump PV to an electric pump in a system of solar water heating can have four negative effects. (A) energy recovery: 1 more year. (B) Carbon return: 3 years longer. (C) emissions of carbon life 3 x worse. (D) the electricity bills for the pump. Data from the United Kingdom at the University of Bath comparative analysis technology life cycle (micro wind, solar and solarthermal) now re-assessed in further energy savings and reliability of DTI parasites of carbon and solar energy in thermal water heating. Exposes shocking cover-global solar industry that some solar panels capable of emitting more than one tonne of CO2 during their lifetime because their pumps are connected to polluting power plants. LCA asks all microgeneration products. When you decide to buy or specify the solar water heating: ask for data published on its third year to balance carbon and energy. Consumers have been tolerating Microgeneration Certification Scheme greenwash environment for years. It must stop now.

Specialist ** Hydronic Clifton Kelly walks us through a sophisticated energy-efficient residential heating and cooling system as part of the 2010 Solar Tour NCRES. Hydronic Specialists http

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