solar light -Use a 2-Liter Bottle as a 50 Watt Light Bulb lightbulb hack

April 2, 2013 – 12:22 pm

** Use a 2-liter bottle as a light bulb – rated at 50 Watts.

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar light -Use a 2-Liter Bottle as a 50 Watt Light Bulb lightbulb hack”

  2. Chico Mendez was shot to death on his own doorstep by a greedy developers son in front if wife and children.

    By becton98 on Apr 2, 2013

  3. There´s glass you know.

    By PabloFerroDesign on Apr 2, 2013

  4. not if its sealed around the edge

    By Myaccountbastards on Apr 2, 2013

  5. 60 years ago you had PET bottles?

    By ch0ppy73 on Apr 2, 2013

  6. Won’t those bottle holes drip when it rains?

    By Ron D'Avilar on Apr 2, 2013

  7. Put a f*ckin window…

    By apdapd2 on Apr 2, 2013

  8. very nice1

    By rj amiled on Apr 2, 2013

  9. we call em skylights where i come from.but we have attic spaces that wont allow soda bottles to work.

    By yaryar1976 on Apr 2, 2013

  10. Coolest idea. ….. Now who is gonna build me a sturdy shanty so i can give this thing a whirl

    By downdudley1 on Apr 2, 2013

  11. This guy did not invent it… a guy in West Africa did.

    By Dakota Rodriguez on Apr 2, 2013

  12. @artfulH
    G’day H…. Thanks for steering me here. As well as working as a Skylight, the Water will emerge Sterile. A PET Bottle of Dirty Water, capped, & left on the Roof for 3 days ; sterilises the Water via Ultraviolet Light, & any Dirt settles out. Pour off the clean water, or syphon it out, leaving the Sediment behind. It doesn’t deal with Toxins, just Viruses & Bacteria. Thanks again. Ciao !

    By WarblesOnALot on Apr 2, 2013

  13. Well, the problem is the way this is advertised. The title of this video sez “Use a 2-liter bottle as a 50-watt light bulb”. Well, a light bulb PRODUCES light — this doesn’t. A light bulb works at night — this doesn’t.

    By Milesco on Apr 2, 2013

  14. I guess MIT is turning out MORON’s now… Hell, we, in the southern midwest, knew this and used them 60 years ago!!

    By The1RealAmerican on Apr 2, 2013

  15. Thank God.

    By DRMusicRoom on Apr 2, 2013

  16. Your mom must be a genius.

    By DRMusicRoom on Apr 2, 2013

  17. You don’t say!

    By Danilo Rezende on Apr 2, 2013

  18. And most people are asleep at night.

    By arackan1 on Apr 2, 2013

  19. If you cut a hole through the roof it only shoots a beam of light down into it.

    If you put this it shines evertywhere

    By Nacho773 on Apr 2, 2013

  20. What the fuck. At first I thought they’d come up with a way to produce light through some chemical reaction within the bottle but they just poked damn holes in the roof to illuminate the interior. Dumbest fucking thing ever.

    By cyberyamazaki on Apr 2, 2013


    By melbourne pranks on Apr 2, 2013

  22. ww(w)
    i think its called lightcatcher.. 

    By olibader1 on Apr 2, 2013

  23. Incredible…we need to have these in the states!

    By Panagyra on Apr 2, 2013

  24. If you actually took the time to pay attention to the clip, you would know that they install them in a way so they DON’T leak.

    By SarahLorrai on Apr 2, 2013

  25. This is great for populations that live in sheet metal sheds, without anything overhead like an attic or insulation. What about those situations?

    By pwallen1962wtf on Apr 3, 2013

  26. true. To have light at night, one could make solar lights with ball jars and outdoor driveway lights. I have some and they work great!

    By PeenkCupkake on Apr 3, 2013

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