solar power generator -European Solar Powered Stirling 10 Kilowatt Generator

November 11, 2012 – 6:23 pm ** The EuroDish is an innovative 10 kilowatt solar Stirling generator for decentralized power generation in Europe, developed by a German-Spanish consortium in 2001. The system is currently in production of electricity operation in Milan, Italy. Video Rating: 4 / 5

** These are two prototypes of small solar generators, a portable and a fixed one. Solar panels are courtesy of goods Harbor and costs less than $ 200. The portable unit was built on a two-wheeled convertible. The unit is a fixed axle housing Rubbermaid. Both are single batteries, which are useful only for small applications. If the power goes out, you could have basic lighting, such as HF kit is equipped with two lamps 12 volt, 5 watt Fluorecent. You can charge mobile phones, lap top and do other things that make life a bit ‘better during a power outage. The best thing is that these units require no fuel, only the sun. I was the construction of much larger units that can run a refrigerator. It ‘important to know that a modified version of the sin-wave inverter can do light work, but if you want to run a large engine or refrigerator, then you need a real shame-wave inverter. A final point of interest is that these types of generators are silent. During a disaster, they will not attract unwanted attention by looters. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 50 Responses to “solar power generator -European Solar Powered Stirling 10 Kilowatt Generator”

  2. how much dollar?

    By kaya kayahan on Nov 11, 2012

  3. Thanks for posting this video. You have gotten a bunch of silly comments, but this video shows enough of the details of that particular Stirling engine that someone else can fabricate and start to tweak it for maximum efficiency. This video said “17%” efficiency of sunlight energy to electrical energy, which is FANTASTIC! Unlike solar cells, this will not degrade year by year, either, so that simple maintenance will keep it going. Solar cells last only about 20 years, with expensive replacement.

    By FreeLion007 on Nov 11, 2012

  4. How much $ ? Where could i buy it ? :)

    By Дмитрий Галуненко on Nov 11, 2012

  5. thats because they used unnecessarily expensive parts. I’ve seen these things built with old satellite dishes, some used car parts, and tin foil. Altogether cost would be maybe a few hundred dollars tops.

    By ryfodrea on Nov 11, 2012

  6. they cost more? the parts used are similar to what would be used in normal engines with the only slightly added cost of parabola mirrors. there is a conspiracy, and its not just against the Stirling motor either. they are against anything that loses jobs because then the greedy corporations are loosing money. Also, the original Stirling motor created in 1871 was gas heated, they didn’t have parabola mirrors then. that’s why we are only seeing this now.

    By ryfodrea on Nov 11, 2012

  7. hey hey people. there is no conspiracy. these type solutions just cost a lot more than conventional technologies. they were invented @1871. back then Steam was king. Later overtaken by internal combustion engines. in reality electric motors were easier, cheaper and better to deploy than these costly, technical systems. It sonly since oil is getting more expensive do these things have a chance. NO CONSPIRACY. GOT IT

    By atrothe on Nov 11, 2012

  8. That’s coming on hard these days. People *have* to do this stuff to make it on the low end.

    Also google ASTRA Phaeton and the Infinity ORC turbine. Put those two together. I’m going to (eventually). See the test mirror arrays on my channel. 9 or more of those pointing at a target hooked to an ORC turbine. Easy and off the shelf.

    By RBEglobal on Nov 11, 2012

  9. type this in youtube search and see something like what I meen.

    Solar Water Heater from junkyard satellite dish

    By Frank Blackcrow on Nov 11, 2012

  10. My thinking is if more ppl see something like this actualy operating someone will say, hey that should’nt be that much to make from off the shelf components and source the components from things that can be readily available, a solar tracker for solar panels would be a start, a old satelite dish coverd in aluminium foil for a reflective surface, well you can see what I’m saying about it, if ppl had to think how to do it, it will get done just like a high tech version on a low tech budget.

    By Frank Blackcrow on Nov 11, 2012

  11. I think these dishes were $100,000. Not cheap…but who cares. The thing is…nobody will sell you one of these dishes to power a single house. Not SES, Infinia, or Solo. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think they are deathly afraid of showing the public that you *could* do it.

    By RBEglobal on Nov 11, 2012

  12. The well known German pump company Solo made this particular Stirling engine. They abruptly sold off the Stirling tech to somebody else. Turned the product into something used in CHP home units powered from natural gas. I’ll build my own dish…I WANT ONE OF THESE PRO GRADE STIRLING ENGINES!

    By RBEglobal on Nov 11, 2012

  13. I don’t know if taxes do anything advantageous for technology development but if Government would off say offer a huge tax incentive or financial reward then Companies and individuals would certainly get into the technological development of alternative power resources.What I like about Stirling engines is they can use heat or cold for power.Unfortunately Australia is now the dumb country with politicians doing nothing other than what ever is necessary to get them selves reelected….

    By theoldgalah on Nov 12, 2012

  14. I agree Ftank! WTF is wrong with the USA? Greed. 8(

    By carysatch on Nov 12, 2012

  15. Would be good to have a scaled down version, or use it to charge an electric car, could have them all over city’s and on every office building, would be able to have charging stations in every car park, same reason they killed the first electric car was too effective at non polluting and keeping the enviroment clean, and didnt make enough money to warrant the production,,by gueese who “GM” that company that got the bail they crushed them.

    By Frank Blackcrow on Nov 12, 2012

  16. We need that in our backyard, hooked to our house, what power we didnt use could go back to the grid via grid tie inverter.

    By Frank Blackcrow on Nov 12, 2012

  17. That is absurd. if there’s money to be made making and selling a product, someone will make it sooner or later, even if it is for the short term. Maybe it was killed by the huge up front cost. Probably it has just not yet begun to flourish.

    By cooljamesx1 on Nov 12, 2012

  18. and probably 100 times the cost

    By cooljamesx1 on Nov 12, 2012

  19. taxes are the best way. They advantage all alternative energy sources to compete among themselves, and the most efficient can be found on an equal playing field. Government subsidies, on the other hand, disadvantage other players in alternative energy. If the government were to invest or subsidize this technology, for instance, it may flourish, but an even a more efficient technology may not be able to compete. A big enough tax on pollution allows the most efficient clean technology to emerge.

    By cooljamesx1 on Nov 12, 2012

  20. Hai this is gangadhar 10kw solar dish sterlling enjan cost ?

    By MsSivadurga on Nov 12, 2012

  21. @KyleMalon12
    Yes! You are right! You will be able to power anything
    without worrying your electric bill cause the solar
    panel you build saves you a lot. So dont worry. Its
    100% guarantee. I myself that also for many
    years now. Anyway, you can check some tips on
    there site. Here’s the site:

    By waniliorda on Nov 12, 2012

  22. The CSIRO’s version using a salt cell is even better using molten salt as the heat bank.Why Governments ignore this technology in favour of inefficient solar panels is a mystery.One would think that Bob Brown would be up to speed on this sort of thing to prepare for peak oil etc etc Australia is the perfect place to use solar Stirling engines but we are bogged down with dumb arsed politicians who would rather tax us on CO2 output rather than invest in decent and really smart technology.

    By theoldgalah on Nov 12, 2012

  23. Too bad these devices are only suitable to sunny environments. For rainy, cloudy places like the British Islands or Germany I think wind turbines are much better. Anyway, for big countries with deserts, it’s great; sunny areas could feed electricity to cloudy ones.

    By agormanvideos on Nov 12, 2012

  24. Where did you read that???

    By rstevewarmorycom on Nov 12, 2012

  25. They are twice as efficient as the average photovoltaics!

    By dillmon1 on Nov 12, 2012

  26. Can i found its complete measurements/specifications and the way of instaling
    i will be waiting your reply

    By habibullah80 on Nov 12, 2012

  27. The was a comment about the $15-30 thousand for a home solar panel system. Yes, if you want to run your home, as if you’re on the grid, it will take that kind of system to do it. However, if you aren’t trying to power the world, you could get by much cheaper. It would mean giving some things up and living a more basic, non-tech life. I only use mine during power outages. That system costs less than $500.

    By Dialysis Joe on Nov 12, 2012

  28. Wait a min……
    You have the tech to buy these things but not a video camera?

    By Kinghercules on Nov 12, 2012

  29. 15-30 thousand to be off the grid?! LOL! you must be joking… spending $15-30 Thousand is for those people who want 498230948029384 things powered at one time.

    By Desire Meeka on Nov 12, 2012

  30. muy interesante, investigaré como aplicarlos a pequeñas maquina o herramientas en la construcción

    By Esteban Silverio Fajardo Campirano on Nov 12, 2012

  31. what, 3-4 years, that’s great, I thought 2-3. I remember paying for the panels and other equipment, but I don’t remember paying the electric company for the energy it took to build my 4X8 chicken coop and the batteries were topped back off in a couple of days.

    By shellackin on Nov 12, 2012

  32. muy buen sistema, para una emergencia sera de gran ayuda

    By qcenriquetrejo1 on Nov 12, 2012

  33. ok, Thanks! Just recieved a coupon from them today!

    By YouthPastorSkid on Nov 12, 2012

  34. This is the solar controller, which is included with the Harbor Freight 45 watt solar panel kit.

    By Dialysis Joe on Nov 12, 2012

  35. Great video!
    What is the multi dc output thing at :42 secs in your video called and where can I buy one?

    By YouthPastorSkid on Nov 12, 2012

  36. Nice work.
    Just thought I would give you a free hit and see if you were a talker or a doer,lol.
    We all have bad days. :)

    By llewgnal on Nov 12, 2012

  37. Wierd trick to slash your power bill by 75% or more. Excellent website:

    By Vladimir Soroka on Nov 12, 2012

  38. The song makes the video unwatchable

    By year2044 on Nov 12, 2012

  39. Nice project… the music choice also….thanks for sharing it all with us.

    By MrGraygrizz on Nov 12, 2012

  40. There is nothing to make other than the portable cart. The units come ready to use with their own stand. The portable part is his take on this.

    By brewmanager on Nov 12, 2012

  41. ooops and inverter.

    By brewmanager on Nov 12, 2012

  42. With a decent battery, and a large inverter, you would use up a full days output in about 5 minutes if running off of a battery at night. I have a similar sized system and I run all of my lights at my cabin with it and am able to charge cell phone and do other things. I am using led lights to accomplish this. A common light bulb of 60 watts in good sunlight exposure will almost max this panel out if it were not for the battery.

    By brewmanager on Nov 12, 2012

  43. What he says is absolutely right on. You will have a charger lead going to the battery and a load lead for other stuff. The inverter is hooked direct to the battery. If the load on the inverter is more than the panel is producing, it will not have any left over for the battery and will in fact be discharging the battery. A simply way to define in this case how much it will run is to compare wattages. A small microwave uses 900 watts with a surge of over 1000 watts.

    By brewmanager on Nov 12, 2012

  44. nice job, ty for sharing , looking forward to your , how too vid

    By grayviee on Nov 12, 2012

  45. I suggest everyone get a CB, or even a Ham radio for emergencies. Should all electricity go out, you’d at least be able to reach out to family and friends, by radio. And, you can use your solar/battery back up system to power it. Lights, recharging, possibly a small fan, communication, water pumps, etc. All these things would make life easier during a national emergency. Everyone, and I mean everyone should have one. Regardless of size of the unit, it’s a practical thing to have.

    By Dialysis Joe on Nov 12, 2012

  46. By accumulator, I’m assuming you mean batteries. Well, your right, they’re only good for about 3 to 4 years, in a car. In this system, you only use them in emergencies, so, they are constantly in a charged state. You’re not constantly charging and discharging them. As for the panels, they are good for decades. Allot of how long a system last depends on how it’s maintained.

    By Dialysis Joe on Nov 12, 2012

  47. It really depends on your electricity needs. If you are cool with washing clothes by hand and air drying you don’t need such a huge power source. Also consider going with out any fridge or use a small, efficient 12V refrigerator. Everything else dry or in cans. LED lights and a small house you could be ok with a couple of these units. We need to redefine what is NORMAL.

    By joebonsaipoland on Nov 12, 2012

  48. Oh! Wow! How close are you to uploading the “how to” video for the portable unit? Thanks:)

    By BirdOfParadise777 on Nov 12, 2012

  49. very nice set up

    By chalkhill714 on Nov 12, 2012

  50. Let’s make it clear that small solar generator systems will not “get you off the grid.” This size of system is only meant to provide basics, such as light, a fan, radio power, recharging batteries, LED/LCD TV’s, etc. A 5000 watt system can carry a well pump (six industrial batteries with larger inverter, many panels). It takes $15-30 thousand to build a true off the grid system.

    By Dialysis Joe on Nov 12, 2012

  51. Yes, you can hook them up at the same time. The solar panels are connected to the charge regulator, which then sends engergy to the batteries. The inverter is connected to the battery(s). That being said, I have a disconnect switch between the batteries and inverter, until I need it. This can prevent drainage of battery power. That being said, in larger systems, everything is connected, all the time. Disconnecting the inverter from the batteries is a personal choice, for small systems.

    By Dialysis Joe on Nov 12, 2012

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