solar air heaters -Solar Air Heater DIY – Homemade STEEL CAN Air Heater! – Quickview w/closeups

August 22, 2014 – 3:22 am

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  1. 17 Responses to “solar air heaters -Solar Air Heater DIY – Homemade STEEL CAN Air Heater! – Quickview w/closeups”

  2. do you think the TIN cans work as well as the aluminum for heat generation,
    i know alum makes a better ‘heatsink’. thank you.

    By Tina Bluegin on Aug 22, 2014

  3. Nice homebrew. I think your fan would probably last a lot longer and the
    whole device would be a lot quieter if you put the fan on the upwind side
    of the cans, instead of the downwind side. Then it would always be running
    in cool air instead of hot, and the cans would muffle the fan’s noise.

    By elhigh on Aug 22, 2014

  4. you should have an intake taking air from you house to the bottom of the
    panel. that way you will be heating air that is already warm, instead of
    trying to heat the outside cold air. Unless you plan to mount that inside
    your window of course.

    By RCPro Driver on Aug 22, 2014

  5. ingenious ty

    By 345erd645g on Aug 22, 2014

  6. How many temperature’s did you increase with you can solar heater? And
    what size wood did you use? Thanks for your vid. I was cold this winter,
    and don’t plan on being cold next winter. But I hate to pay utility
    company what they’re charging. Thanks for your information.

    By nzinga zindua on Aug 22, 2014

  7. Is it better to put fan at intake? Also have you put a thermostat on the
    p.s. Good work, and thanks

    By cuziamcoz on Aug 22, 2014

  8. Hi desertsun02 im very pleased on how you save energy and how u make the
    earth a better environment! Me and my friend are working on a science
    research project about solar power, is it possible if u can send this to us
    and we borrow it for experiments, it would be a big help. Please consider
    this, if you want to send or you dont want to send reply to this comment.
    If u do want to send ill tell you my address. Thank you for your time

    By Shant Gemdzian on Aug 22, 2014

  9. these solar ideas are amazing!

    By jameshem on Aug 22, 2014

  10. Put your fan as intake feeding a tube at the bottom. The air will come out
    the top on its own. Place this in front of a glass window with sunlight
    coming thru. 

    By Allan Wayne Bradberry on Aug 22, 2014

  11. Just a little worried about the high heat shortening the life of the fan.

    By FRRRRAAANNK on Aug 22, 2014

  12. Great idea and great construction :) 

    By stringmanipulator on Aug 22, 2014

  13. Thanks for subbing. not an engineer. my degrees are in Electro-Mechanical
    Technology and Environmental Science.

    By desertsun02 on Aug 22, 2014

  14. I was wondering the same thing.. but I think the convection may work better
    with the holes. However, I wonder if every other one was filled with water
    could you use it longer through the evening… I think I may have to
    experiment with that.

    By Nat TheProjectGuy on Aug 22, 2014

  15. Interesting… I’ve been thinking about making one of these for quite some
    time…. although this is the first time I have seen it done without
    aluminum pop cans.

    By Chad Harrington on Aug 22, 2014

  16. Good job I like that you got the fan running on sola too :)

    By MrFairyteller on Aug 22, 2014

  17. Ever think of using a Thermoelectric Generator? It seems to me it would be
    cool, because it would cause the fan to spin faster the hotter it got….
    and slower or not at all depending on the temperature difference.

    By Chad Harrington on Aug 22, 2014

  18. wow, are you some kinda engineer? just found your channel and subbed!

    By BillyTheKid714 on Aug 22, 2014

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