solar heaters -Soda pop beer can Solar Powered heater furnace panel – Part 3

October 14, 2013 – 3:21 pm

** This is part 3, please watch parts 1 and 2 to see how I built this. The test continues. I’ve seen a lot of you to mount the solar panels on a flat wall, … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar heaters -Soda pop beer can Solar Powered heater furnace panel – Part 3”

  2. Yes, there is a way to store. Check out “thermal mass” online. Anything with a lot of mass can be used to store heat. Rock, concrete, water, etc. This could be aquarium(s), or if you have a basement you can put something there out of the way.

    By Eric B. on Oct 14, 2013

  3. hi, thanks enjoyed that :)
    i’ve not built one, just so you know i don’t really know what i’m talking about, yet :)
    that said, your angle of sun problem: maybe attach some shutters / doors with internal mirrors, so when open you get more heat? top/bottom or left/right? i see you don’t have much room there, just and idea. and maybe offer some protection in bad weather?

    By Bounce Tree on Oct 14, 2013

  4. i’ve not built one. but i did think: both intake and output at the bottom, pipe the intake away from the output. and have a partition in the external box, front to back, from bottom to “a distance” away from the top. i know that leaves a gap at the top without cans, but it doesn’t have to be the big a gap does it? might not draw all the heat from the corners, but that’s the same for both ways?

    By Bounce Tree on Oct 14, 2013

  5. It works when the moon is shining on it…here’s your sign.

    By zsnowshredder on Oct 14, 2013

  6. what happens a night time does this only work during the day? is there a way to store it for evening and overnight heating of cabin?

    By Boaz Ezekial on Oct 14, 2013

  7. do not purchase solar panels until you see this interesting presentation. google “Mike Lewis diy solar” and see for yourself

    By Paul Sharp on Oct 14, 2013

  8. “alot” is two words, a lot. That’s my DIY tip of the day.

    By AquaticBoardwalkEngineer on Oct 14, 2013

  9. “by putting the hot air duct at the top you just have hot air at the roof line and cool air at the floor”. Pulling the cooler air into the heat box is more advantageous than pulling heated air into it. Why heat warm air? “fastest way possible”? again, that is not the object. This concept heats a room no matter what. As a side note: heat does not rise, cold air sinks and pushes heat up. Cold air sinking is the powerhouse to convection. Cold air in hot out.

    By AquaticBoardwalkEngineer on Oct 14, 2013

  10. store solar panels costs a ton.. my husband and i did manage to construct our own panels with the help of mikediysolar,com check it out

    By Karen Silverstein on Oct 14, 2013

  11. buying solar panels costs a fortune.. i did manage to construct our own panels following the guide at mikediysolar[.]com

    By Karen Silverstein on Oct 14, 2013

  12. I thought of that same idea when I saw the mirror laying on ground. 2 mirror system sounds like the easiest solution….& the mobility factor on adjusting them to that days sunlight angle is 100%. Other people in previous posts tend to think that “hinging” the solar panel would work…they have not factored in the heat loss in flexible ducting to the house/shed.

    By Julie Ludwig on Oct 14, 2013

  13. Have you ever thought about using a Fresnel Lens to jack the suns energy up? If you have it insulated really well its possible it could make this significantly better

    By James Bowling on Oct 14, 2013

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    By novak rene f on Oct 14, 2013

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    By Gomez william c on Oct 14, 2013

  16. I’m building my very first attempt of Soda pop beer can Solar Powered heater furnace panel i just hope they’ll work just fine..

    By Glenn Hough on Oct 14, 2013

  17. Why not mount the top of the solar panel on strong hinges and put some sort of brackets on the bottom of the panel so you can lift the bottom up to the 45 degree angle you want and prop it up that way? You’d have to have some sort of flexible hoses though. If it’s on hinges, you could tilt the whole panel to the best angle depending on where the sun is each month of the winter. No need for a mirror then.

    By SpiritBear12 on Oct 14, 2013

  18. I disagree. Mind you I haven’t tried this, but what heats your cans is Infrared, which should travel right through the glass. You might have to get a low-iron glass, like they use in greenhouses, but remember that the insulating quality of double pane glass just keeps the heat that results from sunshine hitting your collector from escaping…

    By Carl Chase on Oct 14, 2013

  19. The only problem with double pain glass is that it insulates thereby not allowing the heat of the sun to get to the cans to heat up, the gas that is put between the glass insulates, works great on houses to keep temperatures down in the summer but not great for this setup.

    By William Bond on Oct 14, 2013

  20. i know this comment is a year old but i just realized what nobody has done yet.
    have the solar heater rotating on a stand by itself in the yard.
    using a sun finder, a sterling engine could be activated in short bursts by routing the hot air directly into its hot side so the entire panel moves in the optimal 45* angle into the sun all day without the need for electrical input out in the field.
    the amount of heat this setup could produce with 5 panels is just ridiculous.

    By bmw2go11 on Oct 14, 2013

  21. he needs two mirrors angled at a 45 degree angle from one another and one on top the other, facing one mirror to the sun, by default the other would be aimed towards the solar heater giving more light, and if he used a parabolic mirror system would increase solar energy. This would be a parascope setup.

    By William Bond on Oct 14, 2013

  22. Thank you.

    By William Bond on Oct 15, 2013

  23. That was my first thought as well, but wanted to add that having the intake at the top means you’d be sending already heated air through the heater. Which would aid in efficiency.

    By darkstar4222 on Oct 15, 2013

  24. I works way better when it’s mounted on the wall.

    By LPenney709 on Oct 15, 2013

  25. It’s plastic like astroturf [what we call it in the uk] ?

    By PhotoShopChannel on Oct 15, 2013

  26. It’s called “Play field” turf. It’s the same stuff alot of sports teams use. Just google it.

    By zsnowshredder on Oct 15, 2013

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