solar homes -Solar Homes policy launch

June 21, 2014 – 9:21 pm

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 9 Responses to “solar homes -Solar Homes policy launch”

  2. lets not forget energy from the sea. all in all if could buy the house im
    in then i would do it.

    By jdoz Brydon on Jun 21, 2014

  3. here, here, bring on the election!! c:

    By Sevenkilts on Jun 21, 2014

  4. Why is this segment called “solar homes policy launch”? It is actually a
    Greens campaign policy overview. There are a lot of good policies in there.
    Unfortunately, solar homes is not one of the good policies. There is
    already sufficient renewable generation capacity to meet NZ demand, and it
    would be much more cost effective to build another geothermal plant or
    improve the efficiency of the hydro system if we actually needed any more
    power. The problem NZ faces is winter evening and morning peak demand.
    Solar PV is not a match for that. In fact, most of NZ (outside of the
    Nelson area) has such poor solar resource that it is a waste of valuable
    resources to put PV there. PV on Homes is also a very anti-equity policy.
    Or is the policy actually to put solar PV on state homes? The insulation
    scheme is MUCH better for people’s health and the environment and the power
    supply system. What points are trying to be scored with “Solar PV on
    Homes?” Not a good policy.

    By Susan Krumdieck on Jun 21, 2014

  5. This is the way forward. A country’s wealth lies in its PEOPLE. Go Green
    Party for not only investing in people, but having the foresight to invest
    in Green Energy, fulfilling New Zealand’s Clean Green image and thereby
    making New Zealand prosper!

    By Michel Nieuwoudt on Jun 21, 2014

  6. Go on this website and calculate your own possible solar generation. Then,
    compare to Aus. Then – get the real facts about Germany. The Solar PV
    policy has been a disaster in many ways. The only way Germany has to deal
    with the solar PV it has installed is because it can dump it on the rest of
    Europe, who doesn’t it really want it at that time either. Don’t get
    yourself all excited about solar being the solution to a problem that you
    haven’t defined.

    By Susan Krumdieck on Jun 22, 2014

  7. That last few % of electricity from gas is technically marginal as a
    cost/benefit. It is OIL that is the problem.

    By Susan Krumdieck on Jun 22, 2014

  8. Why not just fix the market mistakes in the power system so that all people
    will benefit – not just those who take out loans for solar PV. This is
    just not a well thought- out policy, sorry.

    By Susan Krumdieck on Jun 22, 2014


    By Royal Wakefield on Jun 22, 2014

  10. By nzgreenparty on Jun 22, 2014

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