solar power energy -Solar Energy

March 8, 2012 – 6:23 am

Hank ** explains the power of solar energy and describes how it can fit in our diversified energy future. SciShow Follow on Twitter: How SciShow on Facebook: Credits: Produced by Hank Cape Verde Publisher: Blake de Pastino Photography: Nick Jenkins Video Editor: Matt Ferguson Graphics: Amber Bushnell Written by: Rob Chaney TAGS: solar energy, solar energy, desert, power, watts, watts, coal, fossil fuels, natural gas, oil, nuclear, tidal, hydro, wind, biomass, photovoltaic, photoelectric effect, Edmund Becquerel, efficient, efficiency, spatial International station, polysilicon, silicon, n-type, p, distributed power, concentrating solar thermal power plant, plants, turbines, concentrated solar, CPV, GW, hydrogen fuel cells, feasible, the feasibility, the law of conservation ‘ energy, climate change, global warming, carbon emissions, electric, electricity, scishow, science, infusion, Hank Green Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 24 Responses to “solar power energy -Solar Energy”

  2. day 4 of searching for Trisscarro’s comment, supplies running low

    By Snowwww on Mar 8, 2012

  3. Take your first step toward financial freedom!
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    By louisbrassyyy on Mar 8, 2012

  4. @live2invent well, there would be the problem of designing something like that, and… i would imagine it wouldn’t be very practical.

    By flowiepanda on Mar 8, 2012

  5. We should build a giant mirror and send it into outer space to capture all the light and then position it so that it shines down to earth in a concentrated beam of pure hot energy and have it hit a solar panel or simply a large mass of water that would evaporate, creating usable energy. (muahahaha)

    By flowiepanda on Mar 8, 2012

    I’m pretty sure Einstein discovered the Photoelectic effect. He got a noble prize for it, god damn it!!

    By flowiepanda on Mar 8, 2012

  7. what about creating a solar panel that’s sensitive enough to pick up the very small amounts of energy that is reflected off the moon at night

    By live2invent on Mar 8, 2012

  8. Um, what about geothermal energy?

    By sporelover511 on Mar 8, 2012

  9. @Molkatoftime Trash includes a lot of plastics, and that would produce tons of pollution.

    By ONLYUSEmeUKE on Mar 8, 2012

  10. @orewakage You are the single dumbest person who has ever had the grace to own a computer.

    By ONLYUSEmeUKE on Mar 8, 2012

  11. don’t we have batteries

    By magicmagic369 on Mar 8, 2012

  12. if its positively charged is has less electrons because electrons are negative, …. and protons are positive.

    By thedoctor399 on Mar 8, 2012

  13. Hank, chemical reactions and electric turbines don’t CREATE power — conservation of mass and energy. They can transform power from one form to another or generate energy from mass, but you of should know that no person has ever created energy. I think you’d attract more nerdy people if you watch your syntax a little more closely. Only redstone torches are able to create power ;)

    By tya04 on Mar 8, 2012

  14. It’s sad how money is the only thing restricting wider implementation of photo voltaic energy.
    If only economically-centered people would put that aside long enough for solar power to come up, they could use all that energy to re generate money with all the different activities they could take up using that much more energy. It’s a win-win !

    By SailaMaham on Mar 8, 2012

  15. Stupid. Hydro-electric power by the sun, seriously? Evaporation as way to get water uphill? Riiiight… And the moon is not? Hmm lets see moon is moving around the earth because earth is gound around the sun. IF NOT THE SUN THE MOON WOULDN’T CYCLE AROUND THE EARTH. Plane stupid.

    By orewakage on Mar 8, 2012

  16. @AllanYung
    Me too. Its cheap compared to other products
    available online. Its proven system shows an
    exact instructions on how to make your own
    solar panels. My electric bill was slashed by
    50% on the amount of my precious bill. Isnt
    great? Anyway, I think you got the site name
    spelled wrong. That should be:

    By erickfoltin on Mar 8, 2012

  17. if energy is produced by turning turbons still, why arnt we having criminals push turbons for there fuckin sentence?

    By YourEnvyIsMyFame on Mar 8, 2012

  18. My name was mentioned! :O 

    By EdmundRayDantes on Mar 8, 2012

  19. What if you burned trash to generate electricity?

    By Molkatoftime on Mar 8, 2012

  20. nuclear fusion ftw

    By lordhefman on Mar 8, 2012

  21. @MAYONADEx well, sort of, everything religion describes of god, is the sun….

    By azmanabdula on Mar 8, 2012

  22. @drewnut ive heard it was simply the gradient of heat under the earth….
    did i miss something : (
    thanks for pointing that out!

    By azmanabdula on Mar 8, 2012

  23. We should run the world on A LOT of lemons and potatoes by turning them into a battery!

    By killerdog9124 on Mar 8, 2012

  24. I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but as nuclear power comes from the energy given off from heavier elements decaying into lighter elements, and all elements heavier than Hydrogen are formed inside stars, then technically nuclear power comes from the sun as well.

    By 5ONine on Mar 8, 2012

  25. it’s only expensive because the ones in charge are greedy greedy filthy humans… if you want to make something, do it! don’t charge money for it, just do it! and stand back and watch the world prosper

    By malakai2012 on Mar 8, 2012

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