solar power -How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank) – simple ‘detailed’ instructions – DIY solar system

June 3, 2014 – 12:24 pm

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 50 Responses to “solar power -How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank) – simple ‘detailed’ instructions – DIY solar system”

  2. How that’s inverter working out? I once bought a inverter from Harbor
    Freight and it broke two weeks later.

    By 2012solarful on Jun 3, 2014

  3. Being not the brightest apple in the basket, this finally opened my eyes to
    how these things work! Thanks for posting! What will a 30 watt system
    run? A TV? Small Icebox? I have a house in Hungary but no electricity,
    since I am only there two or three times a year, and all I need is TV and
    my Ice Box, lol! Or how many watts would it take to run both?

    By Billy Ray Whitfield on Jun 3, 2014

  4. 101Ah for $75. Damn here in Australia batteries cost way more than in the

    For instance $75 USD is like $81 AUD. But the cheapest 100Ah batteries I
    can find in the country are like $185 AUD. This is why I haven’t gone solar
    because the batteries cost so much here.

    Solar Panels themselves don’t cost that much here. I can get for instance a
    200W solar panel for about $230 which I consider to be pretty good. I don’t
    know what you would pay for a 200W in the USA though. 

    By ziongite on Jun 3, 2014

  5. I heard that using batteries from forklifts or golf carts would be better
    and last longer. Thanks for the video though, very informative and cleared
    up a lot of things for me! Two thumbs up! 

    By Exterminence on Jun 3, 2014

  6. I want this setup for my small HHO generator …

    By William Lingle on Jun 3, 2014

  7. There should be educational systems everywhere teaching this stuff. Thanks
    for sharing your knowledge so people can learn better ways to do things.

    By William Kidd Jr. on Jun 3, 2014

  8. Hi – this is a great setup!

    So the panel output is 90W (5 * 15).
    The watts on a solar panel is max. watts, this sort of power is created
    from a panel in a laboratory when they do flash tests on panels. You will
    get around 85% of that back in generated watts, depending on you location
    in the world and the type of panel you use.

    What is the battery capacity? 100Wh?
    Also is it Lead Acid?

    By Kamlesh Mallick on Jun 3, 2014

  9. I’m about to build one but with the 100 Reneogy panel you have in another
    video. Where do I buy the batteries? Walmart? Which Everstart Marine batter
    do I need to buy, they all have different numbers.

    By Connerhead on Jun 3, 2014

  10. I am setting up my solar at my RV this weekend. I will add a video to my
    channel if you would check it out and critique me on it lol. Any advice
    would be appreciated lol

    By Joe Offthegrid on Jun 3, 2014

  11. You made this video so simple that I ( an Okie with very little education
    and even less teeth ) can understand it.

    By floyd green on Jun 3, 2014

  12. One question please. With 3×100AH batteries in pararell connection
    how many panels(12v), do i need to be fully charged??? for now i
    got only one, which i know its useless

    By intercepted sparow on Jun 3, 2014

  13. ive got a problem, i have a 125 watt panel that gives 20 volts and 6 amps,
    i feed my panel into the controller which charges a 24 volt battery.. will
    my 24v battery charge at only 20 volts?

    By eric newmen on Jun 3, 2014

  14. I will also try to do this in Trinidad & Tobago as it’s sunny and would
    help my mum out.

    By Adalene Alicea on Jun 3, 2014

  15. Your illustration is very informative.. thanks for it. Just to ask one
    thing. Is there’s any limit on the number of batteries you can ad it to?..
    I plan to purchase 6 batteries and to hook it to 10amp 24v 2000watts
    inverter. Is this fine to do?.. thanks

    By edpannewyork on Jun 3, 2014

  16. can i leave the batteries hooked up with the panels for ever ? i want to
    work on outdoor lighting system.

    By Chuck Norris on Jun 3, 2014

  17. ive heard its better to wire solar panels/wind turbine straight to batterys
    then have the controller wired to the batterys somehow , possibly from its
    battery terminals and so use the controller to pump any overcharge to
    something else like a load or some more batterys , have you heard of doing
    it that way ?

    By nickhow100 on Jun 3, 2014

  18. How much did every thing cost

    By francis mcdonnell on Jun 3, 2014

  19. could I power a mini fridge off this its uses 110 watts with 115 v 

    By Quinten Johnston on Jun 3, 2014

  20. I want to build one of these for a trailer I will be living in full time in
    the southwest desert. I want to run an electric burner for cooking dinner,
    charge laptop and cell phone, in the winter run a heater and in summer run
    an air conditioner. do you know what type of panel setup I would need and
    how many batteries? 

    By dreamingofbaja1 on Jun 3, 2014

  21. have been thinking , it might be better to have 2 charge controllers ,
    split the panels in half, maybe i am thinking too far out of the box,
    wouldn’t that increase the amps but keep the voltage the same?

    By scot fletcher on Jun 3, 2014

  22. is ok if i dont have charge controller? ty for ur response

    By victor marinas on Jun 3, 2014

  23. So that white box will automatically turn on when the batterie is low and
    shut off when its charged

    By Chris Kimball on Jun 3, 2014

  24. I have been looking for some one like you for ages. This is the best
    explanation of how to set a system up. I am not saying others are bad, I
    just think people get to carried away. Keep making videos like this please :) 

    By liam burton on Jun 3, 2014

  25. I have everything purchased for my solar system except the batteries. There
    is so much confusion out there as what to get. I have seen numerous
    accounts on the internet that say not to use walmart marine batteries for
    this kind of application and others that say it is fine; like the 29series
    marine. I notice you are using the 24DC everstart battery. Any thoughts
    and/or experience with these and how they function?

    By csaunders2423 on Jun 3, 2014

  26. Question? Most electronics run off some variation of DC,. why go thorught
    the whole inverter step? Seems if you set up a 12v system, you would have a
    lot less loss without the inverter step?

    By DrtToutski on Jun 3, 2014

  27. Can this be used to dispose of bodies?

    By Aoto Fisher on Jun 4, 2014

  28. Looks like people found a new way to kill vampires 

    By coreysalsomevideos18 on Jun 4, 2014

  29. Where did he get it

    By midgetfriendodog on Jun 4, 2014

  30. Kipkay did this like 4 years before this video. You are late.

    By Inguilty on Jun 4, 2014

  31. If they can do that with a TV surely they can use this to make energy
    instead of fossil fuels?

    By BananaMasterRace on Jun 4, 2014

  32. Looks like i know what to use when i’m building my deathray.

    By Calvan Starling on Jun 4, 2014

  33. 4:21 pls be careful XD

    By Fringie on Jun 4, 2014

  34. 1:31 if it’s noon the sun will be burnt

    By alex_aaa789 on Jun 4, 2014

  35. i got one of those tv’s in my shed
    now i can heat my big swimming pool… sweet

    By JohnyTwoGuns Hitler on Jun 4, 2014

  36. You can use it to power you house. Heat to electricity is easy
    transformation. You would need steam tank, cooling system and a dynamo (
    el. generator)

    By AmazingISI on Jun 4, 2014

  37. how many °c?

    By holzi224 on Jun 4, 2014

  38. I’m tempted to make some sort of rig with this that’ll melt aluminum so I
    can cast it.

    By DemonWeasel1990 on Jun 4, 2014

  39. Mate, you are a legend. I was dropping things at our local recycling shop
    and someone just dropped off an old projection TV. I run a local stargazing
    business and am looking to add some things of interest for daytime shows
    for schools. You’re right – these TVs are heavy, but I couldn’t wait to get
    it home and start extracting the Fresnel lens, which I did just as the sun
    set. Came out easily and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. The next step is
    the frame – I will use your design and just looked at the video –
    wonderful. Well explained and should be good fun putting it together.

    By Starwithnonname on Jun 4, 2014

  40. i tried on a sony tv .. but it did not work , the three layers were so
    attached and i could not separate them .. 

    By hussam harbi on Jun 4, 2014

  41. Does it work with a smaller TV, too?

    By StarStriker4101 on Jun 4, 2014

  42. What site did you search on exactly? I never have any classified ads in
    that manner.

    By Raim Surion on Jun 4, 2014

  43. What would happen if you would put a big laserbeam on it

    By chaim l'isle on Jun 4, 2014

  44. The things you can get from outdated technology… I only wish I knew how
    much you could do earlier, because I could have salvaged so much /:

    By SoulxReaper366 on Jun 4, 2014

  45. I like Craigslist but what classifieds did u use?

    By Nima Jafari on Jun 4, 2014

  46. i had one of those but destroyed it by taking it apart before i saw this
    video anyway its not sunny enough for scotland for that to work

    By gimmie55 on Jun 4, 2014

  47. +StasENT 

    By Kyrothar on Jun 4, 2014

  48. Awesome. Subbed

    By linglingjr on Jun 4, 2014

  49. This is awsome and great for my main question

    By jesus barba on Jun 4, 2014

  50. Have a giant one of these in the sky and it can be used as energy for the
    morning and at night we can use stored energy from it. 

    By Sam A on Jun 4, 2014

  51. This is a pretty awesome trick. 1:40 …humping the tv up..?

    By Teal Wolf on Jun 4, 2014

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