solar power -How to Solar Power Your Home / House #3 – How to size your solar power system

October 5, 2013 – 12:22 am

** In this video I talk about sizing the solar system and in particular taking into account losses. More details and information on my forum here: http:// … Video Rating: 4 / 5

** To save energy, the solar system will be very helpful to visit our website: Twitter: # / V6News Facebook: http://www.face … Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 24 Responses to “solar power -How to Solar Power Your Home / House #3 – How to size your solar power system”

  2. Check out the ZenithZolar Z20, a hybrid solar-thermal-photovoltaic device with autodirectional mirror array!
    They claim 70+% efficiency (15.5Wp) and low costs! AMAZING!!

    Thumbs up so people know. Go Solar!!!

    By Stefano DrSAM on Oct 5, 2013

  3. My pleasure, thanks for the feedback. Try Exsolar, they sell and install in Africa.

    By mjlorton on Oct 5, 2013

  4. One more subscriber for you my friend, excellent video.
    Do you know how if I can get the components needed for such a system in Zimbabwe, I am from Denmark and I’m moving there in a couple of months.

    By Nicolaibrogaaard on Oct 5, 2013

  5. Steam power is the future. I’m also very glad I own an oil-powered house.

    By marisauna on Oct 5, 2013

  6. Here is an easy solar panel angle calculator for anywhere in the world and for different seasons: google: solarelectricityhandbook solar-angle-calculator

    By deelingroovy on Oct 5, 2013

  7. Hello, great series. I have a question about not feeding power back into the grid (with a grid tie system with no batteries). How do you prevent feedback into the system? This is (a) as it’s not allowed, and (b) can be dangerous for city power technicians working on lines outside your home if they think the power is off?

    By deelingroovy on Oct 5, 2013

  8. You’re simply adding up percentages which somewhat gives an order of magnitude, but
    correctly accumulating the percentages of the individual losses 2%, 10%, 5%, 3% 7% and 30% would be to do
    1 – (0.98 * 0.9 * 0.95 * 0.97 * 0.93 * 0.7) ~= 47% losses

    But aside from this nitpick: thanks for the info, I didn’t realize that there are so much losses in the battery.

    By Henner Zeller on Oct 5, 2013

  9. Great video, i’m going off the grid with our help and the hydro-sonic water heater found here:

    By marketbizd on Oct 5, 2013

  10. Lol, every video in the series have more and more multimeters … wtf ??!? ;-)

    By Jaco du Preez on Oct 5, 2013

  11. Hi what is more powerful in this two solar panels
    1. one solar panel 240 watts, 60 volts, 5 amp
    2. two solar panel 100 watts, 19 volts, 5 amp in parallel connection

    By Maria Ana Victoria Minas on Oct 5, 2013

  12. I don’t think I need a fridge, but it helps if you have food that rots away fast.
    If I had to I can buy can food all the time. I want to get out of the city, and I just want to be able to afford to live without tons of money to survive.

    By Jojo Fang on Oct 5, 2013

  13. I only use a computer and one Led Light at night. But I have a fridge and a water heater that run all the time. I spend at least 5 hours on my computer when I get on my computer. I don’t use a microwave like many people. It might take 3 minutes to heat my food. If I use it. Most of the time I head my food on a stove. I use an oven maybe once a week. I think I would do well on solar, just getting it all hooked up, and the price I wonder about.

    By Jojo Fang on Oct 5, 2013

  14. Thanks for sharing. We recommend our solar panels that are convenient

    By Solar Companies Gold Coast on Oct 5, 2013

  15. do not buy solar panels until you watch this interesting video. google “Mike lewis diy solar”

    By Andrew Garcia on Oct 5, 2013

  16. This channel might be worth subbing.

    By JEFF ROACHE on Oct 5, 2013

  17. Martin, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and insights with such generosity, patience and eloquence. You’re a great teacher! I would love to see an index to your many youtube vids – the regular youtube interface doesn’t do justice to your series and topics. (Maybe there is such an index and I’ve missed it!) Cheers!

    By Charles Frean on Oct 5, 2013

  18. This is a great video, I have just set up / setting up a small grid tie setup @ 600w and a separate 800AH battery bank and MTTP controller. The info you have given here has made things much easier to understand. Thanks for the video. Paul.

    By Paul Barlow on Oct 5, 2013

  19. Thanks very much for the feedback.

    By mjlorton on Oct 5, 2013

  20. this is hands down the most informative video series that is easy to understand and logical. thank you very much!

    By wouter kellerman on Oct 5, 2013

  21. Thanks, my pleasure!

    By mjlorton on Oct 5, 2013

  22. DUDE!!! after 60 second of this vid i subscribed to you, im going to try and watch all your vids :D 

    By wowsly on Oct 5, 2013

  23. Hello good man…I appreciate the nag. I have just posted the 1st working version on the forum…there is a link to it in the video details as well.

    By mjlorton on Oct 5, 2013

  24. Hi Martin. I have checked the forum and cannot see it there yet. Please take this as a very, VERY, humble “nag” (as you pointed out to someone else in the forum to do). Kind regards

    By zeden12 on Oct 5, 2013

  25. Thanks for sharing!!!

    By Edward Gerena on Oct 5, 2013

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