photovoltaic solar panels -Solar Power System DIY (run almost anything for free) PV solar panel kit

August 11, 2013 – 6:23 pm

** Small solar panel system at low cost powerful. watch it run drills, string / cutters, blenders, can openers, welders, heating pad, crock pot, co … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “photovoltaic solar panels -Solar Power System DIY (run almost anything for free) PV solar panel kit”

  2. wow how many watt they produce? and how many cells of batteries are needed in this project?

    By Glenn Hough on Aug 11, 2013

  3. Cool video showing different things running with that system! Thank you for sharing!

    By ShoeManShoe68 on Aug 11, 2013

  4. would it be ok if i run multiple PC at the same time?

    By do ducnguyen on Aug 11, 2013

  5. hi there. I just posted a video on my channel showing exactly how to set up a system like this. it gives very simple ‘detailed’ instructions on how to do it.

    By desertsun02 on Aug 11, 2013

  6. harbor freight

    By Bob Thebuilder on Aug 11, 2013

  7. Where can I buy it?


  8. i haven’t had any issues. the charge controller works great with the 3 panel set. if you want to hook more than 3 panels up then you would need to buy a ‘charge controller’ that can handle more amps. i have a 25amp charge controller hooked up to 12 of these panels. (earlier video). it doesn’t come with an inverter. you buy that separately. the one in this video is a 400 watt one. cost $25.

    By desertsun02 on Aug 11, 2013

  9. I’ve heard the inverter and controller were crappy in that kit. Have you had any issues yet?

    By Hunter Thompson on Aug 11, 2013

  10. plug them all in at the same time

    By HorseWaterDrink on Aug 11, 2013

  11. Thats the funny thing about electricity,it does run everything.but that is a nice solar set

    By shasy b on Aug 11, 2013

  12. I scored one of those exact same solar charge controllers from eBay for seventeen bucks! It’s a fantastic piece of equipment. :)

    By jublywubly on Aug 12, 2013

  13. hello can you provide more instructions on how to hook up the car battery? I want to try this in our community garden so we can use drills anytime we want.

    By tami johnson on Aug 12, 2013

  14. Are u located in the coachella valley?

    By Jayar Flores on Aug 12, 2013

  15. yep

    By desertsun02 on Aug 12, 2013

  16. Can it charge a phone or other small device through the charge controllers usb port directly from the sun?

    By fairchildr91248 on Aug 12, 2013

  17. Ok will do thank you for your help

    By fairchildr91248 on Aug 12, 2013

  18. i think the cigarette lighter plug on the charge controller goes directly to the panels. i don’t think you can pull enough juice thru that to run an inverter.  i think you’ll still need to buy at least one deep cycle battery and then hook the inverter to that.

    By desertsun02 on Aug 12, 2013

  19. oh, well the inverter i have comes with a cigarette lighter plug, so i was thinking i could hook the inverter up to the cigarette lighter plug on the charge controller to slowly charge a battery back up, that would work would it not?

    By fairchildr91248 on Aug 12, 2013

  20. takes about 8 to 10 hours to charge an average sized deep cycle battery (with one 3 panel set).  i don’t think you can hook the inverter up to the charge controller (just to the battery)

    By desertsun02 on Aug 12, 2013

  21. How long does it typically take to charge the deep cycle battery? And can you hook up the inverter directly to the charge controller and and use the inverter to charge a UPS battery backup?

    By fairchildr91248 on Aug 12, 2013

  22. i’m glad i was able to help. sounds like you’re off to a good start. just use the right number of batteries for the amount of power that the panels put out. i would invest in a good ampmeter and a kilowatt meter (from harbor freight tools). the kilowatt meter can show you exactly how much power different things use. also, check out my other solar panel video. it shows a larger “whole house” system. lastly, i like to have 2 voltmeters hooked up at all times so i can monitor the batteries.

    By desertsun02 on Aug 12, 2013

  23. thank you very much for your help. I was always convinced that solar was way beyond my ability to understand, but because of your video and a little research, I am getting ready to equip my little fishing trailer. I purchased some 128W laminate solar panels and an MTTP (?) charge controller. any advise ?

    By edhbrowne on Aug 12, 2013

  24. great questions. you hook the batteries in parallel. meaning (“+ post” of 1st battery to the “+ post” of 2nd battery. then “+ post” of 2nd battery to “+ post” of 3rd battery. etc…) do the same with the “negative” posts. then hook the charge controller and the inverter to the first battery in the row. if you have more than 6 batteries then search google to find detailed diagrams on how to hook those together. you can run the lights and tv on 1 or 2 sets of panels and 1 or 2 batteries …

    By desertsun02 on Aug 12, 2013

  25. … not sure about the fridge (that takes a bit more power). you might be able to run it if you had four 3 panel sets and 4 batteries. the heater probably takes 1000 to 1500 watts. that would take a bigger set up if you want to run it for very long.

    By desertsun02 on Aug 12, 2013

  26. Hi, Thanks so much for making this easy to understand. How do you link the batteries together? If you have more than 1 battery, which one do you connect the inverter to? I have a tiny trailer with a small tv, a few lights, small frig, and small elect heater. what do you think I’d need? thanks again for your help.

    By edhbrowne on Aug 12, 2013

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