small solar panels -My small solar setup APR-29-2010

March 5, 2013 – 12:22 pm

So far I have installed … ** 9-15 Watt 12 Volt amorphous type solar panels 4 deep cycle batteries Sunforce Charge 10 amp digital controller TP-500W Grid Tie Power Inverter 1 1000 watt power inverter 1400 watt inverter 1100 watt power inverter items not yet are engaged .. 2 X 12V 200 Watt solar panels Polychristalline AIMS 12V Solar Charge Controller 30 Amp 400 Watt Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 24 Responses to “small solar panels -My small solar setup APR-29-2010”

  2. I’m trying to become more self sufficient (energy wise) ( I also don’t mind asking for help) What would i need in order to run 3000 watts for 20 hours a day without using power from the grid. I need to know how many 6v deep cycle batteries to buy. I also need to know the correct charge controller to get, what size inverter, and how many panels are needed. I would also would like to know anything else i would need to be successful!! Thanks in advance….

    By charles7134 on Mar 5, 2013

  3. I like the idea on off switch for battery and grid tie ,can u show me how hook up

    By hing983 on Mar 5, 2013

  4. Regular household wire is not designed for burial, not up to code although it will stand up reasonably well over time.  If you wanted to do it properly you need NMW wire it has thicker insulation and is approved for wet locations. Hope this helps.

    By gpguy2 on Mar 5, 2013

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun putting it all together. Since your solar panels are so far away from your house I would consider closing in the solar panel stand and putting your batteries, controller and inverter in there. Probably need to size up all your DC wires, but since you’d have it all right close you dont need a lot of the expensive wire. The line to the house would then carry the 110 V. A 3 or 4 volt loss not too significant if you’re running 110 volts but at 12 V its alot.

    By gpguy2 on Mar 5, 2013

  6. Great setup, where did you get the battery boxes?

    By willskillincali on Mar 5, 2013

  7. right on!

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

  8. Thank you for the information, I am making my solar panels. one down and many to go.

    By Goandgetit00 on Mar 5, 2013

  9. these are micro grid ties. If your buying 2 100 watt 12 volt solar panels your grid tie would need to be at least a 3 to 4 hundred watt grid tie inverter so its not running at peek all the time. DC Input Voltage Range on the grid tie inverter should be some were between 10.8V ~ 30V. You would need a killowatt meter to see how much power is actually being created from the tie.

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

  10. To hook up to a grid tie inverter, do you count the volts before or after being under a load. I don’t understand Amps to the unit. How many Volts and amps can you put to your Grid tie Inverter.. I am very new to this and very interested.

    By Goandgetit00 on Mar 5, 2013

  11. i have almost the exact same set up, but i have in addition to the 6 habor freight panels two 120watt panels for a total of 310 watt  and for the life of me i couldn’t get more 110 watts threw the grid tie untill it was explained to me that 12v doesn’t travel long distance very well (the long cable you want to burry in the ground) i solved this by placing my grid inverter in a weather proof box closer to the panel, the type of wire is real important to, dont use wire intented 110 volts

    By jaimewanda on Mar 5, 2013

  12. @YoungAndPrepping yes, but i only have a few and its in a large ventilated room, so i think it will be ok.. until I get few more and then i will build a case ventilated via a drier vent though the wall.

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

  13. looking good man i like the mount u made for panels!! if u get a chance check out my solar video

    By fanman1981 on Mar 5, 2013

  14. i got it off ebay!! you can probably get one from harbor freight too mabe..

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

  15. Hey, where did you get the battery box with the meter and dc plug?

    By austinm655 on Mar 5, 2013

  16. I love your set up, man you really have this figured out. I may need a little help with mine so I hope youre open to sharing your knowledge. LOL. Great job, keep up the good work

    By awomansworld123 on Mar 5, 2013

  17. hey bud, you have a wonder starter system. as for lights, please consider the Led lights. 12V. they are MR16. about 3box a a piece and very little amps. its worth it for small 12v system. good luck..Ditmar

    By Ditmar Boetticher on Mar 5, 2013

  18. i will look in to that… i have been wondering if i should go to 24 volts…been contemplating it.. I may when i get a “real Grid Tie” there are still so many things i need to learn first.

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

  19. @nomoreremakes Galv uni strut works well and you can get it at homedepot or any electrical supply store. Electricians use it for all kinds of things outside and it does not rust. Great for mounting panels. 12v systems work well for low wind and low light setup’s but with a 24/48 volt system you will get more wattage from but it takes a little more wind and a little more light to hit the charging voltage. Hope this helps and great setup

    By laidofftomass on Mar 5, 2013

  20. well thats what I’m going to do eventually but i spent all my doe on the panels and stuff..I’m looking next month to get some nice shelves.

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

  21. Nice system, I’m an electrician and believe me when I say your project really got my gears spinning. I have lots of questions and comments and not enough space to do it.

    By ihht64 on Mar 5, 2013

  22. I bet its lots of fun. cool. keep up the good work.

    By mindya12 on Mar 5, 2013

  23. sweet! going green!

    By mrBrianlovesmovies on Mar 5, 2013

  24. This is amazing! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I wish we could all do this but it seems complicated and very expensive to o.

    By billtvmacon on Mar 5, 2013

  25. the batteries power lights at night and the panels only supplement the power I use during the day though that device called a grid tie. so it just powers your power bill because you are creating power for things running in your home.. a system to power everything in the house is way more expensive. its just a fun project.

    By nx2overide on Mar 5, 2013

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