solar electric power -Largest Solar Electric Generating System In The World – ABC News – 2-13-2014

October 21, 2014 – 12:22 pm

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  1. 30 Responses to “solar electric power -Largest Solar Electric Generating System In The World – ABC News – 2-13-2014”

  2. Yeah!! It could even freid thousands of birds and bats along a year!!

    By nikorey27 on Oct 21, 2014

  3. At a cost of 2.2B it will only take 95 years to break even… if you don’t
    count operating expenses. Lets go green until nobody can afford electricity

    By Robert Westbrook on Oct 21, 2014

  4. 2.2B??? It would have been cheaper to put solar panels on all the roofs of
    140K customers.

    By magic3400 on Oct 21, 2014

  5. great video, great information, thank you for sharing…

    By Glenn Hough on Oct 21, 2014

  6. Largest Solar Electric Generating System In The World ABC News – 2-13-2014

    By Samuel Cernuto on Oct 21, 2014

  7. LaMar’s 12 Track Album of Songs Now Available!

    LaMar’s Songs Now Available and a BIG Thank You!

    By solarcabin on Oct 21, 2014

  8. I can’t get my inverter to work with my small system it drains the battery
    to quick and the low battery protection come on and kill the power please

    By clark Grizwalt on Oct 21, 2014

  9. like your vids im courious could somone just have a have a large battery
    bank and charge it with a generator once or twice a week ??

    By foxvalley560400 on Oct 21, 2014

  10. I’m just starting my journey to off grid and am finding your vblogs to be
    more than helpful. Quick question though. Have you ever put much thought
    into setting up solar electrical systems that are independent over tying
    all your panels into one system? I have put a lot of thought into this am
    leaning towards setting my system up this way.

    By Ryan Yaskiw on Oct 21, 2014

  11. What # awg are the cables?

    By Ana Aponte on Oct 21, 2014

  12. Ok I’m new to solar and YouTube can you watch that little clip i put on
    here and tell me what you think could bee wrong i bought it all new

    By clark Grizwalt on Oct 21, 2014

  13. I’d like to know how big your propane tank is, how much it cost to fill up
    and how to fill it up. I am building a cabin on a hunting tract and would
    like to know if I can run a deep freezer and a fridge at all times without
    spending a lot on propane. If possible, I’d like to permanently live on the
    hunting tract eventually. Thanks! Your an inspiration and I plan on
    purchasing your ebooks.

    By MultiversalGod on Oct 21, 2014

  14. This is true evolution. Good job.

    By PlanckLevelscience on Oct 21, 2014

  15. cool cabin drove past it a few times last week due to the construction 

    By Andie Ware on Oct 21, 2014

  16. I absolutely love this guys videos.

    By Cyndi W on Oct 21, 2014

  17. You can convert the gas generator to run on LP…just a thought.

    By IsotopeHokeyPokey on Oct 21, 2014

  18. Very cool! Love the videos. I have one question though. About how long do
    your batteries last before you need to change them out? Keep up the great

    By Brett Rainey on Oct 21, 2014

  19. You are very smart! You have such a cool, tiny and sweet place. Very basic.
    Only thing I would need though is an addon of at least 20×20 10 feet tall
    for a DVD room. I’m a DVD collector and would need a DVD room to store

    By reddawn5297 on Oct 21, 2014

  20. can you please do a video showing upstairs and down stairs! thanks alot
    great vid

    By MrAwesomevids44 on Oct 21, 2014

  21. I’ve watched a couple of your videos, and I just subscribed to your channel
    because you’ve found a lifestyle that I can live with, and I can’t wait to
    gather more info. about it. The banks, utility companies, our
    governments(fed, state), they want our blood, sweat, tears, and OUR MONEY
    UNTIL WE DIE ! You sir, have found a lifestyle that combats their greedy
    reach, bruises their knuckles, gives them arthritis, and is more comforting
    than being a slave to the system, so I am listening and watching. People
    like you are making our country better by helping other people to live
    happier. Thank you, thank you.

    By LEVI TAGGART on Oct 22, 2014

  22. You have given me lots of inspiration man. After i saw your videos i
    decided that im gonna do the same :D Much love all the way from Norway!
    Keep post your videos.

    By HumorProvianten on Oct 22, 2014

  23. here it is so easy…

    By robin metze on Oct 22, 2014

  24. Great job! You are a good speaker. Thanks.

    By Kevin Phillips on Oct 22, 2014

  25. you should add a wind turbine to your system

    By Traven Craker on Oct 22, 2014

  26. Thanks for the vid! It gets very hot here in the summer. How would I keep
    the batteries cool enough?

    By nvsbl2 on Oct 22, 2014

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    By Jivendra kumar on Oct 22, 2014

  28. is there a way to do this without having wires everywhere

    By RockeyTop93 on Oct 22, 2014

  29. I live this way because I don’t like being controlled by power companies
    and the government and I have no house payments and utility bills so I
    don’t need much money. I own a small local business and two online

    By solarcabin on Oct 22, 2014

  30. Fabulous fabulous fabulous

    By Lorraine Coleman on Oct 22, 2014

  31. I love your videos they are a real help.

    By roadrat1100 on Oct 22, 2014

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