solar panel price -Solar panel tariffs and trade restrictions will affect panel prices

April 21, 2012 – 9:22 pm

Breaking news ** off Power Grid projects and stuff happening now with the trade restrictions. An Oregon company is crying foul and making Chinese exports off the grid solar panels in the United States, even if the panels are not even similar mass-produced here. The net result should be big price hikes industry wide as a group of competitors cost will always be hit with retroactive fines that could totally throw them off the market for a while ‘. This legislation was sold as a benefit for American manufacturers of panels, but the only other major source of low voltage solar panels off the network in Germany, then, the lawyers want the real price structure is set in Germany, not in the U.S. or China. The result of this is that my advice is to buy NOW solar panels, which show that in the video was up 20% of the price only in transit time that was on the road for me. Buy the cheapest since some vendors have not raised their prices yet.

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  1. 8 Responses to “solar panel price -Solar panel tariffs and trade restrictions will affect panel prices”

  2. You sound like “The Dude” in “The Big Lebowski” (Jeff Bridges) except you have your act together. lol

    By PoliticalLee on Apr 21, 2012

  3. By time I get finished paying for the polycarbonate (lexan) cover panels and then some functional mounting system for the entire package I would be nearly doubling my cost on the panels that I am protecting, so I might as well have just bought more panels in the first place…Worst case scenario is the tempered glass that protects the plastic covering the solar cells would get cracked, and there are ways of sealing that with plastic to save the panel.

    By 8digitPDX on Apr 21, 2012

  4. I meant cover the panels with polycarbonate

    By ExpatPanthr on Apr 21, 2012

  5. One thing we do here in the nordic regions its Cooper the panels south polycarbonate which allows UV to enter but protect the panels from most natural things which could damage them. It raises the price of the project, but saves one from costly replacements.

    By ExpatPanthr on Apr 21, 2012

  6. Great article.

    By ExpatPanthr on Apr 21, 2012

  7. As far as protection on solar panels, they’re visible anyway perhaps a barrier around your place in general might offer some protection from longer ranged threats. Walls, thickets, etc, as well as a enclosure. Come to think of it, making a static home using older techniques that involve a lot of mud, dirt, concrete, wood, or a combination with a traditional wood/aluminum exterior wouldn’t be bad. None of that would protect from anything from the sky-aircraft or hailstones. How bout making 1?

    By Freedomguide on Apr 22, 2012

  8. I am not seeing any major changes in the battery market short term. It is the panels that will be subject of the tariff. Harbor Freight now sells some 30 amp charge controllers for $79.95, so with a 20% coupon you can print from online, you are talking around $70 after taxes for a charge controller that can handle up to around 420 watts of panels.

    By 8digitPDX on Apr 22, 2012

  9. thanks for the info what about batteries

    By krl8814 on Apr 22, 2012

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