solar panel systems -Sizing Your Solar System

March 28, 2014 – 3:22 am

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar panel systems -Sizing Your Solar System”

  2. 2:40 You are actually using electricity directly from the solar panels and
    if some difference is needed is taken from the battery.
    Lead Acid are actually expensive compared to Lithium when used for energy
    storage .
    I also live offgrid and use about 2kWh/Day in average maybe a bit more in
    the summer just because there is more produced.
    I have 3x 240W solar panels as main solar panels and a small 300W wind
    turbine to help in winter and cloudy days so I only need a 100Ah 24V
    LiFePO4 battery that can be discharged down to 20% for a few thousand
    cycles so I can use as much as 2kWh from the battery from the total
    capacity of about 2.5kWh
    I usually use way less just because I use most of the energy during the day
    directly from the sun.
    If you have say 800W from the solar panels going to battery and you connect
    a 1000W load your battery will discharge at a rate of 200W the rest of 800W
    will come directly from the solar panels and in that way much cheaper.
    At 1$/Watt for solar panels and say just 25years life the kWh will cost
    just under 3cent/kWh depending on how much sun you have where you live.
    Battery on the other hand even the cheapest that is Lithium will cost
    around 20cent/kWh.
    I need to make a video soon explaining and demonstrating this.
    There is one problem and that is that you can not find a charge controller
    for Lithium so I designed my own and I will have soon on Kickstarter. 

    By electrodacus on Mar 28, 2014

  3. +Wick3DPimP thing is, its not a matter of “just stay on the grid” he
    mentioned building an earthship house, which means hes in the middle of
    nowhere, and the design of the house reduces the need for temperature
    control. and lots of natural light use. there are also a lot of low power
    alternatives to a lot of things. its really not as big an adjustment as you

    you also priced it at $15, but forgot the “delivery” charge they bill you
    for each month.

    Earthship houses are actually cheaper in both construction and maintenance.

    also you are forgetting the whole rv and boating thing.

    By JamesMichaelDoyle on Mar 28, 2014

  4. I am in a tiny apartment and use 15.8, on average and most of the days I am
    not even home!

    By Penyo311 on Mar 28, 2014

  5. good video. Thanks.

    By K Bryson on Mar 28, 2014

  6. Good Info! 

    By skyh2k on Mar 28, 2014

  7. Super informative , thanks for sharing!!

    By sunharvester on Mar 28, 2014

  8. How much did your panels cost? Because over here in the Netherlands I find
    it hard to find any cheap big panels..

    By oebien00bie on Mar 28, 2014

  9. Thanx 4 sharing and the explanations r very helpful. nice job

    By mike hogi on Mar 28, 2014

  10. is this correct?

    (source) electricity—>battery charger—>2 battery 21plates—> 3000
    watts power inverter–> 3 desktop computer, 1 wall fan, and 1 xerox copier.

    3 desktop = 600 watts /each
    1 wall fan = 50 watts
    1 xerox = 500 watts


    how much kilowatts do i need to use?
    how many hours to charge my 2 battery?

    By vin al on Mar 28, 2014

  11. I kinda zoned out. I’ve no idea how you can get by on 5 kWh. my house uses
    900 a month, and iv a relatively low energy bill.

    By Mike Warren on Mar 28, 2014

  12. Exactly. Before installing solar panels, you need to watch this video first
    to fully understand the things you need to consider when using solar
    system.Thanks Offgridbuild.

    By Solar Companies Gold Coast on Mar 28, 2014

  13. sir need these 

    By jeshua leblanc on Mar 28, 2014

  14. great video but there are better batteries for off-grid systems. 

    By Mark Gailmor on Mar 28, 2014

  15. I have 1 120 watt pannel, Would a 200 amp hour AGM battery work ( 12 volts
    x 200 amp hour = 2,400 watt hours ie 2.4 kw/hrs right? What
    converter/invrter do i need to take 12v dc to turn it into 110v AC? any

    By John Steel IV on Mar 28, 2014

  16. Thank You! I have a much better understanding now :) 

    By Grant Smith on Mar 28, 2014

  17. Excellent instruction. 

    By David Harper on Mar 28, 2014

  18. I can hardly believe you only use that much. I cut everything i can off and
    try not to overuse anything while using it and i still run at least 20 to
    25 KW a day. Hard to believe this.

    By John Doe on Mar 28, 2014

  19. good tutorial. what would be estimated cost on these batteries?

    By Shahzad Khan on Mar 28, 2014

  20. I’m using a Nedap Powerrouter. That invertor makes it possible to use
    direct power from the solar panels without using the batteries. Even
    without batteries, on a sunny day I can let my home running on direct

    By Hermans Bart on Mar 28, 2014

  21. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have been searching for a simple
    explanation on how to size a solar system for my needs, and this is
    perfect! Awesome video! I subscribed as well. Keep up the good work =)

    By John Booth on Mar 28, 2014

  22. very informative, thanks..

    By alainmcin on Mar 28, 2014

  23. My hot water tank says it uses 12kW per day.

    By Ivgottobeme on Mar 28, 2014

  24. Excellent presentation. Thanks You!

    By Tom Rhea on Mar 28, 2014

  25. Great explanation! Your system looks to be real pro. Let me ask you, is
    there a battery that you can use that you do not have to remove the caps
    like you do? Gell cell or? I don’t know how much time I would have
    service like this. Why did you choose the type of batteries that you did?

    By KC Heirlooms & Organics on Mar 28, 2014

  26. Hi Guys
    These are my specifications of my PV system
    Solar Panels >>>> 72 cells, 120 watts, Voc/Vpmax= 42.4/34V,

    Battery bank = 48 volts 12 volts each battery.

    What is the best connection configuration for panels and batteries please.
    Your reply will be appreciated. Thanks 

    By Afridi on Mar 28, 2014

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