solar photovoltaic systems -20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array

November 27, 2014 – 6:22 am

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “solar photovoltaic systems -20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array”

  2. 20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array
    20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array

    By ofer wiesglass on Nov 27, 2014

  3. another example of general overkill for a greener world … probable pv
    cells power mcmansion with huge ac pumping , even when nobodies home .. oh
    well atleast you’ll get you tax write-off. 

    By d p on Nov 27, 2014

  4. is this one off of lake brandt rd? if so I go buy it everyday and would
    like to get a closer look

    By LeErOy DiCkEnSon on Nov 27, 2014

  5. I just put 20 x 300watt panels 6kw in total with 2000 amps of lithium
    batteries at 48 volts with a 10KW LS pure sine wave inverter 2 Morning star
    100 amp charge controller’s best thing I ever did, We have enough power to
    run without sun for 4 days in a 4 bedroom house in Australia, This cost
    about $30,000 But I do this for a job so it would be double that retail or

    By TheMFrelly on Nov 27, 2014

  6. 20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array
    20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array

    By Green Image Solar LTD on Nov 27, 2014

  7. Evidently Extend Energy, LLC of Greensboro, NC., the people who put this in
    are out of business. Their website is down and Number is disconnected.

    By John Bias on Nov 27, 2014

  8. 20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array
    20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array

    By Conocimiento Global (Global Knowledge) on Nov 27, 2014

  9. Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive.
    If you want to power your house cheaply
    Simply Go to *Google* and *Search* for:
    *Top DIY Solar Panels Research By John Sommer*
    Choose the first result.
    It has the plans and explanation there.

    By Del Bolt on Nov 27, 2014

  10. Solar like other renewables ‘can’ be expensive. But renewables can also be
    installed cheaply – depending on how much power you want to produce.

    It’s not always about the money. Let’s face it if everyone replying to this
    video had megabucks, would you not like a system like this? Too much is
    made of “how renewables are to save money” (same as electric cars).

    A big part for some people is the reduction in CO2. Nissan advertise their
    leaf as ‘Zero Emissions’, not ‘Saves You Money’. Governments are committed
    to trying to reduce CO2. It seems people are more interested in their own
    personal wallets and not what kind of world they are leaving for their

    My modest 3.7kW wind solar system will probably never payback what it cost
    me and it doesn’t totally remove my reliance on grid power. But has it
    reduced my Carbon footprint AND grid powered bills? Yes.

    By Clive Sinclair on Nov 27, 2014

  11. What the cost to install 20kw pv…?

    By MrTonyshit80 on Nov 27, 2014

  12. 20kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array

    By ofer wiesglass on Nov 27, 2014

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    By Jivendra kumar on Nov 27, 2014

  14. What is the average maintenance cost for it? I mean how regularly do you
    need to replace the batteries. Does the cost ($50,000) include storage and
    inverter system as well?

    By Hosbayar Hadbaatar on Nov 27, 2014

  15. I just bought (10) 240 volt panels for 180 USD a piece. You just have to
    look. Thats 75 cents a watt

    By Brad Metcalf on Nov 27, 2014

  16. Assuming the a 200W PV panel cost $400 USD in buck. Using the solar formula
    sizing, it would take an estimated 30 200W solar panel for a 20 kwh system.
    $12000 EXCLUDING inverter, charge controller, solar structure, solar cable,
    electrical housing, installation fee and GST.

    By WB IsMe on Nov 27, 2014

  17. @leexgx (last 1 min of
    the video the Inverters are on the back of the framework)

    By lee x on Nov 27, 2014

  18. @FreshKillsJustice the inverters will shut down and not backfeed onto the
    grid if they sense a cold line. they are built that way.

    By Mike Jones on Nov 27, 2014

  19. What an inspiring video! I’m only installing 5 kw, 20 kw is amazing! What
    is that music?

    By rceres6 on Nov 27, 2014

  20. Dont get me wrong, I like solar, but this system will have to work very
    hard just to make up for the forward energy used in the fabrication of
    components and that used in the installation process.

    By seyfertNGC501 on Nov 27, 2014

  21. Little bit over-engineered for the weight of those panels, I think. Plus,
    are you guys telling us this cost $120,000-130,000? Perfect thing for bored
    teens to vandalize, I think. A miracle if these pay themselves off, ever.
    This is bullshit.

    By beeroosterm on Nov 27, 2014

  22. Sektor in the future !

    By Murat Şengül on Nov 27, 2014

  23. Love these for mobile/portable/emergency/backwoods applications where they
    clearly show their value. But as a practical matter for fixed operation
    where mains power is readily available, just how-long is the payback
    period? Where is the tipping point in Watts where the cost is worth the
    wait for the break-even point, taking into account ALL costs to purchase
    and install hardware, replace batteries, and maintenance? Tax ‘credits’ be
    damned. A 100% tax offset over years would be much better.

    By snowbird29803 on Nov 27, 2014

  24. @evo86ya $6.50 dollars each watt, so that depends on the consuption you
    have the ammount you’re gonna spend, so the cost of the project in this
    video (20,000 watts) was $130,000 aprox but that was just the cost of the
    panels, you have to add the costs for the wiring, inverters, probably
    batteries and a few more items, so yeah it’s a little expensive.

    By Suproctologo on Nov 27, 2014

  25. It is cheaper to use traditional source of energy, and wait for better
    technology regarding mainly the cells.

    By Readme .txt on Nov 27, 2014

  26. One Pump @ 10 Hp would require 7,457 watts. $1 per watt is about the
    cheapest you can buy solar, plus the wires, inverter, etc. Cost would be
    $10,000, and require at least 1,000 square feet, or about a 20 x 50 foot
    area. With that said, check the motor performance, it probably consumes
    less power than the rated horsepower. I’m assuming it runs steady for 8
    hours. You might use an amp meter (it just temporarily clamps around the
    wire) check the power usage while running.

    By CharlieMacklin1 on Nov 27, 2014

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