solar panels pool heater -Solar Panel for Swimming Pool

June 13, 2014 – 3:22 am

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 11 Responses to “solar panels pool heater -Solar Panel for Swimming Pool”

  2. Great video, thanks for the useful information. I plan on making one just
    like that on
    a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood. Just wondering why you did 2 pieces instead of 1
    whole 4 X 8 sheet.
    Also, could I get 400 feet on one sheet of Plywood 4X8 ? Your version had
    200 feet with room to spare…

    By Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan on Jun 13, 2014

  3. I will suggest that black for the background plywood is not optimum. Why
    would you want the plywood to get hot by solar gain? You won’t be gaining
    much by conduction/convection between the hot air inside/under the glass
    and the hose. With all the spaces in between the hose as you have, I think
    your best bet would have been to put some heavy-duty aluminum foil over the
    last layer of primer when it is still a bit wet–ie stick it to the
    background. Now the hose is heated both from in front, and partially from
    behind (the normally shaded side) via reflection. Now, you can use less
    hose by putting a bit of space in between your turns–like 1/2 to 3/4 of a
    hose width of space between each run. Unless the light is coming in at
    exactly 90 degrees–not likely for long–light missing the hose top will
    reflect off the aluminum foil background and heat the hose from behind, at
    least a bit. More bang for your buck, as less hose is lower hose cost.
    Plus, less heating damage to the plywood over time as it will stay cooler.

    By lawrencekaori on Jun 13, 2014

  4. how are you moving the water, where is your pressure coming from? are you
    spending money on a designated elec pump or are you using the pool pump or
    are you using city water pressure?

    By Lawrence Fawcett on Jun 13, 2014

  5. Why did you use so little hose?
    You could add a lot more hose, and you dont have the problem that the hose
    will move.

    By Edwin kranenburg on Jun 13, 2014

  6. alsp the plexiglass works when it get hotter!
    So using so many scews on the plexiglass only ceate extra risk of cracks in
    the plexiglass

    By Edwin kranenburg on Jun 13, 2014

  7. Fantastic Idea. How much water is in your pool ? With this 5 deg.
    difference in the water from the pool and the output of the panels, how
    long it takes to increase the temperature of the pool by 5 deg ?

    By George Hadji on Jun 13, 2014

  8. When it comes to solar heating,…. nothing beats a good solar blanket, I
    switched over to a Thermoshield solar blanket, is is blue on top and black
    on the bottom, makes a noticeable difference. Use the entire surface of
    your pool as a solar heater, hoses and pipes will never beat it. Way too
    much water in a full size pool. Do the calculation you will see.

    By storypunman on Jun 13, 2014

  9. The panels are designed so they can easily be modified to run in parallel
    or in series. It just depends on where you live and what your pool heating
    needs are.

    By kpdoheny on Jun 13, 2014

  10. Wouldn’t it be better to run the panels in parallel rather than series?
    Better temp differance that way, so it’ll heat the body of the water up
    quicker in the first part.

    By spuddy345 on Jun 13, 2014

  11. Can you please get before and after temperature readings, and outside temps?

    By Chris Klest on Jun 13, 2014

  12. This year we had a relatively cold summer with not as many sunny days. But
    on sunny days, the water coming out of the solar panel was always at least
    5 degrees warmer than the water it was being drawn from in the pool. This
    was our first year with this solar panel, and we’re thinking about making a
    second one for next year.

    By kpdoheny on Jun 13, 2014

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