electric solar water heater -Thermodynamic Water Heating Panel System – Dundee – Angus – Scotland

January 5, 2014 – 6:22 pm

** Update – July 14, 2013 – was on vacation for a week and left to see what he used to ‘tick over’ – 1 kw / h per day. Put whistles legionella ‘… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “electric solar water heater -Thermodynamic Water Heating Panel System – Dundee – Angus – Scotland”

  2. Further to Emmockladdie’s advice to press for a replacement compressor I
    should mention that our panel is mounted on a northfacing wall in a 2metre
    wide passageway. The fitters’ advice was that it was not necessary to mount
    the panel facing south, but we could mount it on a south-facing roof if
    that helped the recovery time. IF the panel relies on solar radiation then
    it would surely be better in a south-facing position even in freezing
    overcast conditions?

    By Leslie Fleming on Jan 5, 2014

  3. Hello! We recently installed an Energie Thermodynamic water heater similar
    to the one in the above video. At temperatures between zero and 3 degrees
    it keeps switching off the compressor and the reserve immerser comes on.
    There is a high-pitched squeak and the compressor stops and the ERROR LP
    signal displays. The compressor does not stay on for more than a very few
    minutes. This does not seem to us to be OK, and the firm that installed it
    have already topped up the refrigerant once, but that doesn’t seem to have
    done the trick. Any suggestions? 

    By Leslie Fleming on Jan 5, 2014

  4. Aye – it’s like a noisy fridge. Perhaps a heavier, tighter fitting door on
    the cupboard and draught excluder strips might help. It ain’t gonna get any
    quieter. Ours is in the loft but we still hear it when it’s running.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 5, 2014

  5. Hi, we had one of these systems installed and so far it does what it’s
    supposed to. The problem we have is one of noise. When the compressor is
    running there is a significant buzzing noise. The tank went into the old
    airing cupboard where the immersion tank was but it’s in a bedroom. Had I
    known about the noise I would have had the wretched thing put in the loft!
    We have tried putting noise insulation material round the control box but
    it doesn’t really work. A bit of a pain.

    By Geoffrey Plenty on Jan 5, 2014

  6. Interesting to see that you have put the system on a timer – we have
    exactly the same system but hardwired, i.e. no plug. I’ll get that changed
    asap. Our problem last winter was that the panel iced over at low
    temperatures and effectively stopped working. The panel is inclined at
    about 30 degrees on a flat roof – would it be better if it was vertical, I

    By Chas Warlow on Jan 5, 2014

  7. Hi Chas – we aren’t alone with this system then! Ours didn’t ice over that
    I saw / or stop working but that’s maybe because we never run it at night
    which I presume yours will be, late shower etc would make it kick in. If it
    runs at night then the panel will be colder than surrounds meaning any
    moisture in the air will go to the panel as it is the coldest thing = more
    frost. The timer would at least make sure you use more of the tanks
    contents and then replenish the next day while you are out.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 5, 2014

  8. hiya. The timer is just a simple plug timer … TIMEGUARD TS800. I don’t
    know if I was lucky that the installer put whole system on a plug – if it’s
    hard wired to a switch then you’d need to adjust that.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 5, 2014

  9. How much electricity does the compressor use? And surely if you have solar
    pv that electricity is free? Can it be put on a timer to only run in

    By Earl Bramley-Howard on Jan 5, 2014

  10. The system uses 580 watts per hour ONLY WHEN the compressor is running so
    the figure you see online of water heating for 33p per day is about right
    if the system is running for four hours in total. I tried it your tip of
    putting the sytem on a simple timer and it’s good … set the timer for
    10am to 5pm so any solar PV electricty generated will offset or even cover
    the water heating. Thanks for the tip there.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 6, 2014

  11. That’s a big house you have there £1500 p/a does not sound too bad – I’m
    split on what I feel – unlike photovoltaics which are tried and tested this
    panel system is new – the sales people say it’s ‘free hot water’ – it’s not
    - hence the complaints. We have ours getting most of the 600w/h it is using
    from our solar panels so for us it is relatively cheap – I could see others
    finding the system relatively expensive to run, still cheaper than oil for
    us – but everyone’s situation differs.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 6, 2014

  12. Cheers Rob – a colleague of mine was speaking to German friends and they
    say the thermodynamic panel is catching on fast in Germany. They have lots
    of people with PV panels so linking these two together makes great sense. I
    think a bit of everything is a good way to go as you cover all the bases.
    Wind next for me perhaps. Best regards

    By emmockladdie on Jan 6, 2014

  13. At the end of february I should know if this februarys electricity usage is
    any higher than last years. At the moment the compressor comes on at
    strange times of day and night – the cylinder must have a thermostat in it
    so it powers up to maintain the temperature.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 6, 2014

  14. you are most welcome ;-)

    By Earl Bramley-Howard on Jan 6, 2014

  15. Yes ! I am here in USA. Thanks for the information.

    By USAEVANTOLICO on Jan 6, 2014

  16. The refrigerant fluid has a boiling point of lower than -15 so works
    perfectly in low and freezing temperatures. It obviously is more efficient
    in warmer temperatures but using this technology and offsetting the power
    used by solar pv is an excellent choice and will give great returns. great
    video and excellent product. Regards

    By Eco HomeInsulation on Jan 6, 2014

  17. Hi Stuart – had a look at the other posts. Getting RHI was not guaranteed –
    we knew that, it would have been the icing on the cake. We were needing a
    new boiler – (2.5K) didn’t want to continue our reliance on oil (no gas in
    my ‘hood). Oil boilers need servicing (= cost). EON pays me to heat my
    water via the F.I.T. payments we get on our solar PV. Without the PV the
    sums don’t look as good. We don’t use much water BTW – professional soap
    dodgers. Wind turbine is next on my shopping list.

    By emmockladdie on Jan 6, 2014

  18. Thanks for the feedback I would imagine that the cost will be considerably
    less to run during warmer months, so you will probably have to see what the
    average is over a year. A friend has just got one in Spain & the compressor
    of his system is only 250W so that’s probably down to it being considerably
    warmer in spain & thus picking up more ambient heat for free. I’d imagine
    your running costs will fall considerably during summer months especially
    if you extend the hours of timer on free PV power

    By Earl Bramley-Howard on Jan 6, 2014

  19. below 0 your fucked that system will never last a total gimmick of a small
    refrigeration system good luck thats all i can say.

    By DANTHE MAN on Jan 6, 2014

  20. Hi Emmockladdie, I am thinking of installing a Thermodynamic system during
    a house renovation in SE England. Seems like good technology, although I
    have read of problems with frosting up of the panels in colder/ damper
    weather. Can you update us on how your system is functioning? Are you still
    happy with it, and are you having any glitches? Any further news on when it
    might qualify for the RHI? thanks

    By consultantgypsy on Jan 6, 2014

  21. Hello We have been reading the comments and it sounds a really good system.
    Are there any negatives? Is the compressor noisy? If you don’t mind me
    asking, what were your instalation costs? We had a quote yesterday and
    quite pricey, is it supported by RHI? Or any other scheme?

    By snipervetren on Jan 6, 2014

  22. Hi there, sounds like a great system, I’ve been looking into it myself I
    mean why would anyone overlook it ? I spoke to one dealer in Cornwall and
    they said they’d stopped installing these due to complaints.. They said it
    was a glorified air source heat pump. I really want this system to be as
    good as you give it credit for as I’m spending circa £1500 a year on
    heating a 3000 sqft house.

    By Morganlobb on Jan 6, 2014

  23. Hi again. the system I described is a bit elaborate but I think that some
    way of supplying solar heated air to the panel in winter might work well. I
    like the idea of the thermodynamic panels and would like to see them

    By Robert Hobson on Jan 6, 2014

  24. Post 5 Applying the same maths but using 2 gives a running cost of £524.50
    per year running cost, or £95.50 per year saving. My savings figures dont
    account for backup immersion use for sterlisation. In short, i cannot see
    where you get a £500 per year saving, i get £100-200 per year.

    By Stuart Graham on Jan 6, 2014

  25. It can go on your roof if you want … unless you have a thatched cottage
    or live in a flat. You’ll need a company to give you a quote, google ‘
    thermodynamic panel ‘ – get a local company to come and survey and give yo
    a price. This technology / solution won’t necessarily be economical for

    By emmockladdie on Jan 6, 2014

  26. Hello again, i put some queries to you on the system and the spam filters
    have incorrectly marked it as spam – would be keen to hear your feedback.

    By Stuart Graham on Jan 6, 2014

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