hot water solar heater -Solar hot water heater in extreme temperatures

April 26, 2012 – 6:23 am

** DIY Solar hot water heating to extreme temperatures, 180 degrees is still pumping. below 27 degrees. and this morning it was -5 and do not freeze out even with antifreeze. The tubes are cold as ice and the inner tube hot as hell. I would not use it much, but if I did would be between 90-120 degrees in the winter. Last summer I was using it and it was getting steam to 225 degrees. yes, wright, steam! INCREDIBLE!

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  1. 17 Responses to “hot water solar heater -Solar hot water heater in extreme temperatures”

  2. That’s a great idea!

    By spoondawg1 on Apr 26, 2012

  3. wow :)
    in israel we have solar water heating for ages …:)
    but in chilly nights ( far warmer than in this video ) thw water gets cold

    By ebach1 on Apr 26, 2012

  4. yes

    By VillageGoneGreen on Apr 26, 2012

  5. Good video, can the glass tubes withstand hail? Is there gaps between tubes are for stuff to run off? Thanks.

    By dvh065 on Apr 26, 2012

  6. yes but you need a biger system.

    By VillageGoneGreen on Apr 26, 2012

  7. If you are making steam in the summer, have you considered using the steam to run a turbine to charge some batteries or running it through an inverter and supplementing your energy use?

    By 2JobsStillPoorUSA on Apr 26, 2012

  8. it works on your water pressure, no pumps, simple hook up.

    By VillageGoneGreen on Apr 26, 2012

  9. Do you run straight water through there? Do you use a circulatory pump to keep water flowing? I live in Michigan so I know how cold the winters get in the north. Your video was great and thanks for posting it.

    By YamaGrizz09 on Apr 26, 2012

  10. great system and video.thanks

    By michael970 on Apr 26, 2012

  11. My sentiments too madpainter, Its crazy why lots of ppl dont have them, its ignorance and most ppl want ‘instant satisfaction’, not a 2 year claw back, I have saved 1000’s with them.

    By catatonicable on Apr 26, 2012

  12. If the water isn’t being used for anything, then this doesn’t really say much. What would be interesting is knowing what the recovery rate is.

    By tml4873 on Apr 26, 2012

  13. Respond to this video… ty for showing this I would like to see how its made

    By charlie1957able on Apr 26, 2012


    By charlie1957able on Apr 26, 2012

  15. Wow…that is truly super considering its in the teens for outside temp. Thanks for showing us that. If you had a fan forced heater in the house, you could take advantage of that 180 f. water…if not for the entire house, at least for the living room /bedroom where you spend most of your time

    By DaveTheyCallme on Apr 26, 2012

  16. Was this a kit? Can you tell us the cost?

    By lvennard on Apr 26, 2012

  17. Some are doing it some are not because things are tight now or they are not aware of it, that’s why I’m doing these videos, to raise awareness that you now have a choice and it’s affordable. This unit is not hooked up to my water system, it’s just a demo but if it was you would be running at about 80-120 deg and real hot in the sommer. It is not going to replace your hot water heating system it will assist it with savings from 50-80 %

    By VillageGoneGreen on Apr 26, 2012

  18. If it works that great how come every one is not doing it?
    is that just for hot water or is it supplamental heating the house also?
    i’m facenated with this stuff… i lost my main job and just getting buy…. this scould help out if i had it….thanks for the post

    By madpainter69 on Apr 26, 2012

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