March 4, 2015 – 9:23 am

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 29 Responses to “passive solar water heater -HOW TO BUILD A SIMPLE PASSIVE SOLAR AIR HEATER PLUS A TEST OF THE UNIT”

  2. thank you so much ..i have a motorhome and my brother has one and we both
    are spemding too much money trying to stay warm here in oklahoma . can’t
    wait ti try…thanks and god bless you big time

    By Sandra Rodriguez on Mar 4, 2015

  3. This is a much simpler idea then the one with the aluminum cans and fan,

    By Apollo1011 on Mar 4, 2015

  4. Great video – fantastically simple idea! Thanks v. much!!

    By Lin Jan on Mar 4, 2015

  5. “The sun will come out tomorrow” I was cracking up. Couldn’t resist,
    anyway, good vid, thanx for the idea. Keep up the good work. 

    By TacticalError84 on Mar 4, 2015

  6. Thank you…

    By George Zapo on Mar 4, 2015

  7. To figure your efficiency though you must figure the amount of sunlight
    blocked from warming objects that it would have shined on.

    By Robert Hammock on Mar 4, 2015

  8. you should title this passive heating down south, because this would not
    work in the north east. lol. 

    By PHOTOS-N-GRAPHICS on Mar 4, 2015

  9. awesome, thank you, great idea!

    By Naked Eyez on Mar 4, 2015

  10. I sure do enjoy your videos. I am going to do this next year. Thank you
    for sharing.

    By RURAL IOWA on Mar 4, 2015

  11. Neat idea. Thanks.

    By CVObservatory on Mar 4, 2015

  12. what was the room temperature difference? is that the goal? to keep
    people warm or to cook eggs on the window? ;o)

    Do you guys get enough snow to play around with snow forts? I live in Phx
    - but with the possible mini ice age comin (ck out suspicious 0bservers if
    you get bored one day) I only say because he explains the trend of
    temperature extremes (vs “ice age” like the media propagates) and it makes
    me go hmmmm and recall the scriptures about how after the end times perhaps
    implying the sun being very insufferable (yet 1/3 of the lights in heaven
    go out) confusing kind of like its confusing now with all the wacky weather
    globally :) Also, I want to go cave hunting (because for some reason
    there are indications that everyone is going to be running for them – not
    sure if we’ll be here at that point or if we’ll have caught air – won’t
    hurt to know my area tho. Happy Friday!!!!

    By YadaYah on Mar 4, 2015

  13. By 7 TRUMPETS PREPPER on Mar 4, 2015

  14. So you can’t heat when it’s snowing, just sunshine days?

    By Per ry on Mar 4, 2015

  15. What about adhesive backed velcro attachment? Instead of chalkboard paint
    how bout a “window scene”? ;) )

    This will also help out with light discipline when thing go south.

    Good stuff brother.

    By Tim Clark on Mar 4, 2015

  16. Awesome, God bless!

    By Sonny Earp on Mar 4, 2015

  17. Great video! Thank you!

    By Eric Petrovich on Mar 4, 2015

  18. Thank you for another easy inexpensive prepper project. It may not heat a
    large house, but should, at a minimum, reduce the need for other heat
    sources (gas, wood, oil, etc.). Saves some money!

    By J. Williams on Mar 4, 2015

  19. great idea.thx

    By b h on Mar 4, 2015

  20. Very cool. Err… hot I mean. Thanks for sharing this.

    By Rich InTheUSA on Mar 4, 2015

  21. Thats awesome brother keep up the good work and God bless

    By john wagner on Mar 4, 2015

  22. Wow. Very cool !!! I work in a factor in the recieving dept. TONS of
    cardboard. I have some to black out my windows in an emergency, but now
    I see they can be used for even more. Thank you!!! 

    By brosrcool on Mar 4, 2015

  23. Thinking of doing something like this to heat a green house using thermal
    mass water barrels… Much less water than a pool…

    By Mike Warner on Mar 4, 2015

  24. Did you have any results to share from this? I was thinking of building
    exactly the same setup.. keen to know if this can have any impact on
    heating a pool?

    By Dean Attewell on Mar 4, 2015

  25. Also many thanks for sharing

    By Aaron Williams on Mar 4, 2015

  26. I am looking forward to Part 2 and any performance data you may have.
    Wifey has horses and wants me to build something similar to your heater for
    her stock tanks.

    By Marsh Rat on Mar 4, 2015

  27. Other than cost is there other reasons for not using copper tubing

    By Aaron Williams on Mar 4, 2015

  28. What a great idea! How has it worked? You could focus mirrors or a fresnel
    lens (from an old TV) on that, It could probably handle colder temps than a
    less massed solar heater or be placed inside a window and not lose any
    heat. I bet it would heat your bale shed with no problem while
    thermosiphoning a 30 gallon drum. That would be interesting. Probably too

    By apples13able on Mar 4, 2015

  29. Any update on this?

    By ZombieTex1 on Mar 4, 2015

  30. I will do an update very soon..

    By Van Powell on Mar 4, 2015

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