solar hot water heaters -Solar Water Heating – Build it Yourself

January 26, 2014 – 6:21 pm

** Here’s a cool DIY video tutorial on how to build your own solar panel to heat the water. And ‘free hot water, you can not beat this. You can get up …

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  1. 14 Responses to “solar hot water heaters -Solar Water Heating – Build it Yourself”

  2. Very professional but for the cost of copper is is hardly an affordable

    By scoomagee on Jan 26, 2014

  3. I once saw a TV report were they just painted an old flat radiator black to
    heat the water. Several of those were then used to heat a house.

    By Andreas Vogler on Jan 26, 2014

  4. What are the panels exactly? Are they silicon photovoltaics or just glass
    painted black?

    By Fan Stanner on Jan 26, 2014

  5. instead of building jig to put line on first piece of copper tubing,you can
    simply set a piece of angle iron on tubing and scribe line……1/4 inch
    for small tubing and bigger angle iron for bigger tubing…..

    By ROCKET FROM REALITY on Jan 26, 2014

  6. WOW! – that is by far the most professional take on DIY solar panels I have
    ever seen on YT. Congrats on this. 

    By mateuszsymbula on Jan 26, 2014

  7. GREAT WORK !!!
    I suggest placing tube sides of the panels facing the sun this will
    increase surface area.
    Also I think a four inch solder then four inch space would save time and
    money without sacrificing efficiency
    I hope you connected these in parallel instead of series , in series you
    may only be circulating through the first two panels only, rendering all
    others useless, it’s not easy to ensure equal flow through manifolds.

    By Harold Geodesic on Jan 26, 2014

  8. its a great Idea to built it your self but How much cost you spend when you
    built it from scratch? and where could you buy cheap materials for this

    By Glenn Hough on Jan 26, 2014

  9. very very nice

    By Glenn parent on Jan 26, 2014

  10. Can I buy penal from you?

    By Paul Hanson on Jan 26, 2014

  11. Thanks. How many of these do you think i would need for my weekend camps
    where all i need are 15 kids to take a fast shower. also what happens when
    i don’t use the hot water for months at a time will it dry out and damage

    By Sal C on Jan 26, 2014

  12. Awesome! I’m curious how much is the cost per m2 or the total cost of
    making 1 SWH using your system. Cause I live in Indonesia and the problem
    here is the price of a conventional solar water heater (SWH) is expensive.
    Thanks :)

    By Muhammad Arifin on Jan 26, 2014

  13. Expensive,anytime you use copper. time consuming too. probably could of
    just bought it.

    By Remo Woodswalker on Jan 27, 2014

  14. I live in TN.. And my question is , when buying glass is single or double
    glass better ? I have read double is better for holding the heat at night ,
    but will it stop it from getting as hot during the day? Also I want to make
    a hybrid system , and preheat my water going into my WH. would 1 panel 7′ x
    6′ be enough for what I am doing. I have also been thinking of making a box
    and heating a water tank before it goes in to copper tubing heater

    By Ronbo Nick on Jan 27, 2014

  15. lead-based solder for a water heater? ummm…. isnt that kind of

    By nunya biznatch on Jan 27, 2014

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