solar water heater design -Solar water heating, Legionella and heating daily to the store base

March 28, 2012 – 9:25 am

** “It ’s very likely that these pre-solar water heating systems that support the growth of legionella bacteria and not get the heat inactivation or control of legionella bacteria in some other equally effective, are creating a risk health with regard to Legionella infection “, says a report in a UK water WRAS advisory body. Risk of Legionnaires’ disease in a twin coil cylinder can be minimized by better planning. A more secure storage used by the solar Solartwin called “dedicated solar volume in time.” This project involves heating safer behind a store solar hot water every day at night to 60C. This method of storing solar hot water complies with the provisions of Regulation fullly UK HSE Legionella L8 guidance para 158. Another solution is safer to store heat. The safety principles also apply to heat pumps. Includes a suggested way to calculate the statistical number of people infected with Legionella in solar cylinders annually by the United Kingdom. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 3 Responses to “solar water heater design -Solar water heating, Legionella and heating daily to the store base”

  2. 3 questions:

    1/ Consent. If the Legionella risk of some renewable energy storage systems rises when solar heating or heat pumps are fitted, should consumers be told?

    2/ Upgrade. Safer installations, “backup heat to the base” and “thermal stores”) already exist. Should governments insist on these for subsidies?

    3/ Downgrade. If not, should, perhaps Europe’s special green energy exemption from safety guidance extend instead to all forms of energy efficiency? It would be a logical thing to do.

    By solaryes on Mar 28, 2012

  3. Last week I was honored to be invited to speak about renewable energy, Legionella safety, solar and twin coil cylinders at a conference entitled “Combating Legionella”. About 120 Legionella specialists attended, including doctors, risk assessment experts, estate managers, and engineers from UK’s Legionellosis prevention and health care community. A 9-minute summary of my 30 minute presentation in is now on youtube, called: “Legionella risk assessment: renewable energy gets special treatment”.

    By solaryes on Mar 28, 2012

  4. Hi – I’ve just posted another youyube solar video on Legionella called “Solar Heating Cowboys Greenwash” It discloses concerted industry efforts to stifle debate on Legionella in UK bu the Solar Trade Association. (A solar heating and Legionella cover up attempt is also happening in Europe.). More on the Solartwin site as well. Regards, Solaryes Barry.

    By solaryes on Mar 28, 2012

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