thin film solar -THIN FILM SOLAR PV PANELS

July 9, 2012 – 3:31 pm ** – Thin film, peel + stick, Solar PV panels: Easy and quick installation. – Learn to design and install solar panels on residential and commercial buildings. Roof – integrated Solar Flat Roof from IB Roofs Building-integrated solar roofs dishes are fresh, green and have the lowest cost / watt to install and virtually no maintenance costs. IB makes Lifetime residential flat roofing and now with Uni-Solar has the only real BI-PV solar flat roof for your home or business. To learn more Benefits of integrated thin film solar roofs IB Solar Wise PV systems are best-trapping of light mean in cloudy conditions, minimal roof penetrations, without a shadow of adjacent panels, and set d ‘ 30% tax credit of the federal government, for both the solar and the cover system. The matrix of the integrated solar roof will be the cost of installing more effective for all types of flat roof. Prices solar roofs 1) these and similar solar panels, for example Unisolar thin film solar panels) are installed on a roof in PVC flat roofing using our calculator ( to estimate the cost to install a new system PVC flat roofing, roofing costs and plans other materials. 2) The solar prices – the cost of your solar system will be very different depending on who you work with – in general, you should look @ about $ 7.50 per watt for a solar system at least 3 KW sizes – use this calculator solar ( … Video Rating: 4 / 5

More on ** From our present “Race of technologies” report you will learn about the status and competitiveness of the crystalline thin film, CPV and Organic PV technologies from leading manufacturers worldwide solar PV: LDK, Jinko Solar, Sanyo, First Solar , Ascent Solar, Soitec, SolFocus and Konarka. In “Race of technology” you will see: CSI: Arturo Herrero – Jinko Solar – CMO Shinichiro Ishihara – Sanyo – Manager Robert Onofrey – LDK – Director of Market Development TK Kallenbach Thin Film – First Solar – President, Components Business Group Ron Eller – Ascent Solar – President & CEO CPV (concentrated PV) Hansjorg Lerchenmuller – Soitec – Senior Vice President Customer Group Nancy Hartsoch – SolFocus – VP, Marketing & Business Development OPV (organic PV) Howard Berke – Konarka – Chairman & CEO, founder Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 25 Responses to “thin film solar -THIN FILM SOLAR PV PANELS”

  2. I want to know:price for square meter,efficiency for square meter and why you STILL make SHIT videos just to sell a product/fool your customer!

    By gabigowriel on Jul 9, 2012

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    By Gertha Whaley on Jul 9, 2012

  4. @DerrickJones
    Really? That could be like a hell lot of money to
    spend for. I think you should try what ive been
    using these years now. It helped me save so
    much of my money and its really good for the
    environment too. L) Here’s the site name:

    By cardonks37 on Jul 9, 2012

  5. A nice video…Thanks for uploading….
    Commercial Solar panels are expensive!
    Do you want to know about the benefits of using DIY Solar panels?
    Go to Google and Search for “Top DIY Solar Panels”
    Click the First Result(Skip The Advertisements)

    By robinclark8989 on Jul 9, 2012

  6. oh…if what he’s been promoting in the video is true, then this solar panel is worth a try! =)

    By iLOVENATURE2011 on Jul 9, 2012

  7. Check out my channel for videos which show how to clean solar panels.

    By smilinggoats on Jul 9, 2012

  8. The extra voltage is to get the power through the wires and system. It would all get dissipated if it was run at low voltage.

    By platinum243125 on Jul 9, 2012

  9. how much

    By neobudda1 on Jul 9, 2012

  10. Only it will delaminate when home owners start paining their homes with it, and short circuit left and right.

    And not it won’t be available to the general public in form of paint. Companies that develop the products, will want to make money on it, so they will control who and for how much can buy it.

    And since you compare solar paint to these roof-integrated solar panels – paint would once again not work here, due to foot traffic, door contamination, etc.

    By coolflatroof on Jul 9, 2012

  11. I think the solar paint (when its released ) will be a better option.

    By shikira on Jul 9, 2012

  12. A: Invertors now are extremely efficient – loss as literally nil

    B: Those who are serious about solar install DC appliances. Most appliance are actually DC anyways and simply use a built in inverter. All major appliances are available in DC form for little if any cost difference.

    By 9753flyer on Jul 9, 2012

  13. Nice video project man.

    By SmallWindTurbines on Jul 9, 2012

  14. Great product and great idea.

    By minami935 on Jul 9, 2012

  15. Just as a note: In this video, the solar panels are from Open Energy. The company operantly stopped manufacturing those panels for some reason.

    By saijai587 on Jul 9, 2012

  16. Sounds like a perfect dream.

    By deanwest15 on Jul 9, 2012

  17. well, nano solar is a mfg of thin film pv that is essentially printed onto metal substrate…

    By physical815 on Jul 10, 2012

  18. Holy fuck! I never knew that. The AC in my house usually gets turned into DC by appliances, is that what you are saying?

    By enticed2zeitgeist on Jul 10, 2012

  19. well, with my limited knowledge of electronics, I can see the convenience of an inverter. Reason being, As you say, “5-24VDC for just about every appliance”, The appliances already have a voltage rectifier in it.
    If you don’t have an inverter, you’d have to branch all the receptacles for every appliance drawing different current via resistors. Voltage boost (step up) or V buck (step down). Individual boards may be cheap enough. But they do add up. And then there is installation costs

    By a2zhandi on Jul 10, 2012

  20. COMPLETELY AGREE! I’ve been baffled by this for years!

    By 3lysium79 on Jul 10, 2012

  21. is this like amorphous film?

    By lobocop101 on Jul 10, 2012

  22. I like thin film solar flat roof.

    By kopi5896 on Jul 10, 2012

  23. Thank you for sharing a good video.

    By joejoeaudy on Jul 10, 2012

  24. This video is very helpful about thin film solar

    By liang8231 on Jul 10, 2012

  25. Great thin film solar flat roof.

    By minami935 on Jul 10, 2012

  26. Good job.

    By jonathondixon859 on Jul 10, 2012

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